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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Reputation Management: What Is It?

Simply put, online reputation management is the influencing or control of a business’s reputation. By employing Online Reputation Management Services, or ORM, you can make sure that your businesses online presence is both informative, accurate, and crowd pleasing.

Why Is Online Reputation Management Necessary?

Long story short, online reputation management exists today because anyone can say anything online, about you, even if it’s untrue. . The best way to find out your service or products online reputation is to search yourself online. Go ahead now, don’t be shy, Did you like what you found? Our firm’s ORM Services implement Search Engine Optimization in order to help businesses and organizations maintain a strong web presence.

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the process of injecting a websites content with the most commonly searched phrases searched when looking for similar services. The goal here is simply to get search engines to view your webpage as a source of authority for information regarding phrases injected into your site. The correct combination of SEO injected copy with integrated expert offsite optimization results in your page receiving increased traffic.

How Can I Fix Old or Incorrect Online Information About Me?

If you’ve found information online regarding your business that is abusive, incorrect or both, you can contact Google to submit a legal removal request. Otherwise, there are many ways that we can utilizing SEO to help replace old, incorrect or negative information about your business.

How Can I Learn the Identity of an Anonymous Poster?

Every time you use your computer to access the internet, your computer is assigned a unique code of numbers called an IP address. IP addresses can pin point the location of or owner of a computer posting illegal or defamatory information about your business.
When any computer connects to the Internet it is assigned a unique code of numbers called an IP address. Computers connect to the Internet through Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which register the IP addresses of users.

Why is it important that I Brand my business?

If you’re a business owner and have yet to establish your company’s online presence you’re probably running the risk of becoming a victim to third parties. If you’ve neglected to established relevant information regarding your brand, a myriad of other sources can easily rise to the top of search engine results…and stay there. We can help you build anew or refurbish and already existing online presence.

Are search engines important to an online reputation?

If you’ve searched for your business online and aren’t happy with the results, chances are that your customers aren’t either. The majority of internet users that use Google search don’t even look at results past the first page. Making sure that your company’s online reputation is a deciding factor in whether your brand sinks, or swims.

What if there are not currently any negative reviews? Can this be used as a preventative service?

Whether or not your company has received negative commentary or reviews its imperative that you positively represent your brand online today. By injecting the content on your website with additional SEO phrases, you could essentially protect your online reputation for an extended period of time. Our effective use of SEO can make sure that negative information about your company stays buried.

I have purchased an item twice by mistake, what can I do?

Mistakes happen to the best of us! If you have accidentally purchased an item twice, please contact support with the details of your double purchase. We will then check our server logs for verification and credit your account as appropriate.

How do the things we say and post online effect our business realistically?

Recently, Juan Enriquez explained her concept about how online reputations are essentially digital tattoos. Like tattoos, a nasty online reputation can be difficult to hide. If you’re the victim of an awful online reputation we can help you control the content that created your “digital tattoo.” There’s no reason to let the web negatively affect your business.