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Keeley K.

Suppressing Negative Reviews
Retail Store Owner | Los Angeles, CA

“After noticing that a large number of false reviews had been posted on my company’s yelp account over the course of two hours I knew that something was wrong. My company sits in a quiet corner of Los Angeles, and mainly caters to a small number of regulars and locals.
Essentially, I’m on a first name basis with the overwhelming majority of customers that walk in.

My first guess was that a new local competitor in town was trying to trash my store’s reputation. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter where the false reviews are coming from, only that they were negatively affecting my business. After chatting up a couple of friends in the PR world, I was directed to seek the services of Reputation Rehab’s Online Reputation Management Team. Lemme tell you, these guys don’t take their job lightly. From the instant that I employed them, I noticed a number of differences in our web presence. The whole list of results posted on Google search’s first page had been rearranged completely and my stores webpage was at the very top!”