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As a rehabilitation facility, your team is probably more concerned about maintaining a successful support structure and a comfortable environment for your patients than with keeping up an online presence. After all, you shouldn’t be concerned with finding new clients. You should, instead, be taking care of your current one. That’s not to mention just how delicate the matter is. Since there is such nuance in rehab marketing, there is a need for adequate handling.

That is why we welcome you to Reputation Rehab, a service aimed at developing successful, effective, and tactful marketing strategies for rehabilitation and recovery facilities. Our team, having successfully led campaigns for a variety of centers and clinics, is bringing the latest marketing tools to develop specialized strategies for the industry.

Approaching rehab marketing is not the same as, say, online retail. You are not developing customer loyalty, nor are you trying to spark interest in your product. Unlike other industries’ approach to marketing, rehabilitation facilities are not really trying to get potential customers interested in their product. There is no specific sector of the general public that they are trying to attract. The main purpose of clinical facilities such as yours is to be there for those who need their services.

Addiction Leads

Leads for Your Facility

The more leads you have, the higher the likelihood you’ll have more people in your facility. The more people you have in your facility, the more people you can help, and the more money you can make. Reputation Rehab has a proven track record of helping facilities like yours to get more leads organically. Whether it’s through social media, search engine optimization, paid search, or even through radio ads, videos, and TV, we can work to put your facility in front of the people it can best help.Then, we can ensure that once they click on your facility, they’ll find a professional, welcoming site. Easy navigation, positive reviews, great pictures, videos, and more: a facility’s website often makes the first impression (so, you want it to be a good one).

The detox and rehab industry is so competitive. If you aren’t properly represented by all of the above, someone in your area is. You have the facilities, you have the training, the staff, and more – so, you should have the patients who can benefit from all of it. At Reputation Rehab, we have a package that can correspond to the needs of your facilities. Whether you’re an enormous, international chain that’s stood the test of time, or you’re just starting out, or anywhere in between, we have a package that can help you grow larger and stay that way.

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