Using Targeted Displays to Help Meet Young Adults’ Mental Health Needs

Reputation Rehab 05/03/21
targeting displays

Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not served folks with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental illnesses using the best resources. It is concerning that only approximately 42% of adults who experience a mental health issue get treatment and just about half of the children under age 17 receive services. And this issue only gets worse…

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How Your Facilities’ Google Ads can Help Young Adults with Prolonged Exposure to Stress?

Reputation Rehab 04/30/21
google ads

Prolonged exposure to stress in the early stages of development is often overlooked as the signs are difficult to study. While stress resilience is a widely discussed concept, it is still very challenging to predict people’s response to increased levels of stress. As a result, many young adults lack resources and are not fully educated…

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How to get more Admits Into your Rehabilitation Center?

Reputation Rehab 04/20/21
grow more admits

Admission to rehabs is the first step of treatment for all patients. Therefore, growing admits and expanding are one of the top objectives for many rehabilitation centers and practices. However, the problem is that several mental health facilities fail to address the many questions that patients have during their admission process. At Reputation Rehab, we…

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What is SEO and How to Implement it for your Rehab Facility?

Reputation Rehab 04/19/21

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the most powerful tools to connect your rehab to potential patients. It is important that therapists and mental health experts learn about how SEO benefits them because it plays a big role in rehab marketing. Our staff at Reputation Rehab will guide you through!   …

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Why are Google Ads necessary for your Mental Health Facilities?

Reputation Rehab 04/13/21
google ads

First, let’s define Google Ads! Google Ads, previously known as AdWords is Google’s own advertising service in the category of PPC advertising and is most used by all types of firms. This service allows users and owners of businesses to put their search results for their website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by…

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Depression and Addiction are peaking among College Students

Reputation Rehab 04/05/21
mental health marketing

“Half of the students in fall 2020 screened positive for depression and/or anxiety,” says Sarah Ketchen Lipson, a Boston University mental health researcher and a co-principal investigator of the nationwide survey. As one can argue, depression and addiction are continuously on the rise for college students. Whether it is due to the remote learning environment,…

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How to Develop Content that Improves your Mental Health?

Reputation Rehab 03/31/21
develop content

Scientists have suggested that the longer your brain holds on to a negative event, no matter how minor, the more likely you’ll be to dismiss positive experiences—which could have a long-term impact on your mental health. Although you may don’t have the power to change most events, you have full control over how to perceive…

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What are the types of Consulting we offer at Reputation Rehab?

Reputation Rehab 03/30/21
consulting services

You will be surprised at how effective consulting can bring to your mental health facilities and rehabilitation! At Reputation Rehab, we’re proud to have many long-standing relationships with addiction treatment center professionals. In addition, we can connect you with both treatment consulting experts and digital marketing professionals so that we can work together to best…

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The Switch from Virtual to In-Person School can be Mentally Exhausting for Teenagers

Reputation Rehab 03/29/21
reputation rehab

According to the CDC, most schools in California are predicted to be in-person for the upcoming fall. As a result, many parents, teachers, and caregivers are juggling between the options of online virtual schools versus in-person classes. Although learning in physical classrooms offers more useful resources, the mental health consequences need to be considered, especially…

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The Anxiety of Waiting and Addiction Blog Management

Reputation Rehab 03/25/21
addiction blog

Anticipatory anxiety is more common than you know. When there is no clear view of the future and the unknown continues to loom over, one will get anxious and exhausted from feeling uncertain. This can be found in those looking for the COVID-19 vaccines. It is difficult seeing more people around you having access to…

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