How Can Reputation Rehab Help My Company? 

By putting your facility in front of more people that you can help. With our services, we’re able to precisely target people in need of our clients. No matter where your potential admits are or what services it is that your facility offers, we can connect you to more people who are looking for what you offer right now. 

We can do this in a variety of ways. Many of our clients opt for omnichannel marketing services. With those packages, we do just about everything: we build your website (or improve upon what’s there), we create and implement an organic SEO strategy while running paid search ads, all to bring in more phone calls/admits. If you don’t already have LegitScript certification, we can help to shepherd you through that process as well. 

All while this is going on, we also create content for you. That means blogs, yes, but it also means videos, podcasts, and so much more. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else – if there’s a social media platform where someone may be looking for the services you provide, we work to make sure that they can find you there. 

We don’t just set this all up for our clients, we run it for them, too. Through continued maintenance and a commitment to lasting growth, we have helped so many facilities that help those in need. 

What’s Reputation Rehab’s Experience?

Our team literally has decades of experience. From our CEO to our web designers, content creators, writers, videographers, editors, management, and others, we have not just years of successful experience in omnichannel digital marketing, but years of experience in omnichannel digital marketing for rehab/treatment centers. 

You are always welcome to browse through our portfolio and our case studies, to get in touch with our clients, and so forth. No matter what kind of services your facility offers, whether it’s detox, IOP, residential treatment, mental health treatment, for adults, teens, or anyone else, we can put our experience to work for you.

How Much Does Reputation Rehab Cost?

The cost depends on what kinds of services you’re interested in. We have “Platinum,” “Silver,” and “Bronze” packages. Each of these packages includes keywords to rank for, SEO (on and off page), digital content creation, Google Ads management, weekly consultations, newsletters (weekly or monthly), video/photo editing, web development/management, local SEO, and many other services. 

Important to note: we always provide reporting, analysis, and supervision, too. That way, you can see what’s working as well as what we can improve upon. Through this, we’re always improving the services we offer so as to help our clients. 

That said, we aren’t limited just by the packages we offer. Indeed, we can put together a customized package just for your needs.

What Kinds of Rehabs Do You Work With?

Essentially any kind. Over the years, we’ve worked with IOPs throughout the country. We also work with facilities that provide residential treatment, partial hospitalization, mental health treatment, and so much more. 

Beyond that, we have worked with centers that offer different amenities, too. We’ve helped many luxury rehab centers to grow, yes, but we’ve also worked with those who are more modest in nature, out in the woods, and so forth. As all of our services are tailored specifically to our clients, we’re able to give them exactly what they need. 

What Can Reputation Rehab Do for My Website?

The quick answer is: “whatever it takes.” We’ve found that many rehab/treatment center professionals don’t understand the importance of their website. A website is, in a real way, your center online. Often, it’s what makes the first impression on someone researching where they or their loved one should get help. 

The better your website is, the more likely you are to get the admits you want. Here at Reputation Rehab, one of our specialties is making sure that our clients have a website that helps them to rank highly on Google for the keywords that they want. 

See, Google takes websites very seriously when it comes to considering where to rank a company for a keyword. Google wants to see a “responsive” site, meaning that the site is fully operable on phones, tablets, and any other kind of device. 

Moreover, Google wants to see a low “bounce rate,” too. The longer someone stays on your website, the more links they click on your site, the lower your bounce rate is going to be. That’s a sign to Google that a site has plenty of great information and should be seen as an authority. Thus, we create websites for our clients that people want to explore, that they want to spend more time on to learn and get the info they need.

Reputation Rehab can put together a site for your facility that represents you the way you want to be seen. 

Does Reputation Rehab Do Social Media and If So, Does It Help?

Yes and yes. Reputation Rehab handles the social media feeds of our clients. We can be as involved as you want to be. Some of our clients post on their socials sometimes while we do the rest. Others have us take control of their social media marketing entirely. We always post in such a way as to help to better develop your brand and better connect to the people you want to reach out to. 

Social media is very important for rehab/treatment centers. So often, many people who are in need of help are reticent about reaching out to professionals will learn about centers through social media. We create and maintain social media feeds for our clients that are authoritative and warm, knowledgeable and welcoming. Through that, we’re able to help our clients to grow in a variety of ways. 

How Does Reputation Rehab Deal With Paid Search?

We can handle any part of it you need. For example, no matter which of our packages you choose, we can provide Google Ads spend up to $20K. Beyond that, we can do Yahoo/Bing custom ad management, too. (The latter is a $950 value.) We have a proven track record of picking the right ads, the right keywords, at the right price so as to help our clients to go to the next level. 

Paid search works in harmony with organic SEO to be able to reach as many clients as possible. Every facility is different, with different needs, different services, and so forth. That said, with many of our clients, we work paid search early on while organic SEO is building and growing. Then, when the organic SEO has come to full maturity, we incorporate it with the paid search. 

Should you require LegitScript certification, we can help. Over the years, we’ve helped so many companies to acquire LegitScript certification and can put that experience to work for you. 

What is “Local SEO?”

A strong majority of the rehab/treatment centers that we work with compete in their area. They aren’t looking to rank for keywords nationally, nor are they competing against rehabs clear across the country. Instead, they want to outrank their local competition, the other rehab/treatment center in their neighborhood. They want to be the center that comes up when someone in need in their area searches for the services they provide. 

To that end, we work to put your center at the top of your local SEO. Google takes rehab/treatment centers very seriously. For example, Google requires LegitScript certification. We can help to walk you through that process so that you’ll be in the best position possible to be able to outrank those in your area to better help the people “in your own backyard,” so to speak.

How Does Reputation Rehab Work?

First, right after we begin working for you, we look at what you already have. We see what’s working, what isn’t, what can be improved, what needs to be created, and so forth. From there, our SEO strategists find the best keywords for your business. Then, we put together content centered around helping you to rank for those keywords. 

Often, this includes finding the “content gap” in your competitors. The centers that you want to outrank in your neighborhood almost assuredly have some “gap” in their content that they haven’t fully fleshed out. We can work to make sure that you rank higher for that, helping you to get an edge. 

All while this is going on, we’re creating and running your social media feeds, making videos, building your website (or building on your website), and more. We make your site responsive (or more responsive) so that it’s easier for people to find you. Paid search kicks in around this time, helping you to “get a leg up,” so to speak. 

Organic SEO doesn’t work “overnight.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. That said, in a few months’ time, organic SEO can come to fruition, helping to bring more and more admits to your center. 

Once all of this is done, of course, we aren’t done. We keep working for you, providing maintenance as well as services to help you to grow further. 

The above is a very abbreviated version of what we offer. In a free consultation, we can flesh this out further. 

Why Can’t I or My Team Handle Everything Reputation Rehab Does?

The truth is that omnichannel digital marketing is a lot of work. It’s the work of a team, of several professionals with years of experience. Absolutely, you can try to get by doing this work yourself, hiring freelancers, an in-house worker, or something to that effect. However, eventually, (and often very quickly) you’re going to be overwhelmed. All of this work more or less has to be done at the same time to be most effective. 

All while that’s going on, of course, your competitors are working with an outsourced team. They aren’t waiting around for one person to finish one assignment (or learn how to do it). Instead, the entire team is continuing to push their omnichannel digital marketing forward. 

In the end, an outsourced team can scale your omnichannel digital marketing services. When it’s time to grow, to put more effort into helping your center to get that much bigger, a team can “scale up,” providing more work. A freelancer, someone in-house, (or someone just learning all this) can’t provide that. By having a team at your disposal, you can have customized omnichannel digital marketing services for your center. 

Why is digital marketing important for rehab centers?

Digital marketing helps create visibility and awareness of the services offered. It can also build relationships with potential clients, attract new leads, and generate referrals from existing customers. Moreover, it can be used to track customer engagement, measure the success of campaigns, and optimize your site for better ROI. Those are just a few of the benefits.

How does Reputation Rehab help rehab centers?

Reputation Rehab offers comprehensive digital marketing services tailored to rehab centers’ specific needs. We provide services like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content creation and management, social media marketing, email campaigns, reputation management, and more.

What are the benefits of using Reputation Rehab’s services?

Reputation Rehab helps rehab centers increase their visibility and reach potential customers. We also provide comprehensive analytics that allows your treatment center to track engagement and make informed decisions about your campaigns. Our team is experienced in managing complex digital marketing campaigns and ensuring maximum ROI on every dollar spent.

How is rehab SEO done?

Reputation Rehab’s SEO services are tailored to the specific needs of rehab centers. We use a combination of keyword research, content optimization, link building, website optimization, and other tactics to help the center achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

How long does it take to see SEO results for rehabs?

SEO results take time and effort to achieve. Our team works diligently to ensure the center’s website is optimized for maximum visibility in search engine results. Every client and situation is different, but for the most part, clients can expect to see success in four to six months

Why is paid marketing effective for rehab centers?

Paid marketing is an effective way for rehab centers to reach a larger audience quickly. Paid advertising campaigns on search engines and social media can target potential customers more precisely and generate more leads. Plus, it’s also easier to track the success of paid campaigns using analytics tools. Paid marketing is most effective when used in combination with organic marketing.

What is the best way to manage a rehab center’s online reputation?

Online reputation management and reputation marketing are essential for rehab centers. Reputation Rehab offers comprehensive services that include monitoring online reviews, responding to negative feedback, amplifying positive customer experiences, and more. Our team will ensure that the center’s online reputation is managed effectively.

How can content be used to market a rehab center?

Content marketing is among the most effective digital marketing tactics for rehab centers. We provide content creation and management services that can help the center create engaging content that enables you to connect with potential customers, build relationships and trust, and drive more leads. All of our content marketing will be created to fit your brand, so that your center is always represented how you want it to be represented.

What are social media platforms best for rehab centers?

It depends on the target audience of the rehab center. Generally, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are some of the most popular social media platforms for reaching potential customers. Our team can help the center determine which platforms are best for their goals and target audience.

How can rehab centers track the success of their campaigns?

Reputation Rehab provides comprehensive analytics that can help rehab centers measure the success of their campaigns. We use analytics to track customer engagement and optimize it for better ROI.

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