Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting: Connecting You to Those You Can Help

When you go about treating your patients, you use every method at your disposal. Calling upon your experience and your training, you give them everything that they would need. Some are best helped by just a handful of methods. Others, however, are best served by utilizing everything you can. For our rehab marketing clients, we tend to go with the latter approach. By using as many different tools as exist at our disposal, we’re able to put the rehabs we work with in front of more and more people who need them. One of the most powerful of these tools: site retargeting. 

The idea is that someone visits your website, but didn’t “convert.” That means they didn’t call, message you, or reach out. Maybe they were just doing research for themselves or someone that they care about. Perhaps they know they need treatment, they were impressed by what you had to offer, or for some other reason. With site retargeting, you’ll be in a much, much better position to connect to them again. As with all of our other services, you can be as involved (or as “hands off”) as you would like. We can run all of our ads, content, pictures, and more through you for your final approval. Or, we can take care of it all on our own, or some other level of involvement in between. As ever, it’s up to you. From there, our analytics can determine what’s working best and how to improve upon it. 

This just one of the many tools at our disposal to get more people into your rehab.

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