Boost Your Treatment Center Marketing Plan with Google My Business

treatment center marketing

Your online presence needs to stand out in the competitive landscape of drug rehab. Today, we unveil the advanced features of a potent resource: Google My Business. Reputation Rehab is your partner in reshaping your treatment center marketing strategy, propelling your treatments and therapies to succeed in the online realm, including Google My Business and its affiliated platforms. Ready to enhance your digital footprint? Dive into the world of Google with us.

Craft a Solid Identity with Google My Business

Over the past five years, Google My Business has been an invaluable tool, connecting over 150 million local businesses with online searchers. Today, people aren’t merely seeking businesses; they’re on a quest for specifics – whether it’s “rehab services in Los Angeles” or “holistic therapies for drug abusers in California.” They want to take action – whether registering for admission or exploring your center’s catalog of therapies and services.

Google My Business has evolved to meet these needs, from user-friendly mobile apps to direct reservations. Google has introduced several new features to help businesses make their profiles as unique and descriptive as the queries that bring customers their way.

Attracting with Welcome Offers

Attention. Did you know that over 50% of online customers search for special deals and discounts? It’s true! So now, your rehab center or health care services can entice new patients by offering welcome specials to those who follow them on Google. This is an opportunity to turn online researchers into committed patients set for a change of life.

Finding Businesses Quicker With Short Names and URLs

Rehab and Drug Treatment Centers can claim a short name and URL for their business, making it easier to refer patients back to their profiles for updates, bookings, or reviews.

Showcasing Personality with Cover Photos

Now, you can enhance your Google online presence by setting your preferred profile/cover photo, putting your best foot forward, and showcasing your unique personality.

Identify with Prominent Logos

Studies show that rehab websites that provide all the required core information can take advantage of an extra branding opportunity. Make your online assets eligible to display your logo prominently on the profile. This can be a valuable branding tool and can attract patients who need your care services.

Visual Storytelling with Photo Displays

You may already notice that when your center uploads photos, they’re instantly and prominently displayed on a dynamic module on the profile.  So you need to be able to use this on your advantage with a solid treatment center marketing plan.

Create Offline Materials

Big rehab centers, brands, and professionals developing in the healthcare field can now have a new solution to generate more leads, reviews, and customer following.

Thanks to the new features, they can download and order custom assets, such as stickers, to promote their profiles. These assets can be tailored to their specific needs and preferences, allowing them to showcase their brand and attract more customers. 

This innovative approach is expected to revolutionize how businesses market themselves online and engage with their audience.

Recognition for Excellence – “Local Favorite” Designation

Google aims to recognize local. Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers (or professional health practitioners) that provide exceptional experiences to their clients can be recognized. To achieve this, they have introduced the “Local Favorite” designation that is awarded to the top five percent of local businesses. These businesses will receive digital and physical badges of honor, signifying their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

treatment center marketing

Success with a Trustworthy Treatment Center Marketing Plan

By utilizing descriptive profiles, we can help consumers and businesses express their uniqueness and find the perfect match. Together, we can collaborate to improve every aspect of your Rehab Center’s online presence on Google, including its visibility on maps and search results with a tailored  treatment center marketing plan

By optimizing your Google My Business profile, you can ensure that potential patients can easily find your center and avail of your services. Let’s work together. Let Reputation Rehab take care of your Rehab Center’s online presence and drive its success on Google while you take care of the most important things: your patients.

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