Top Online Reputation Tips for Brands

Top Online Reputation Tips for Brands

Want to make sure that your brand always has a positive reputation? Your company needs to be able to take pro-active steps to ensure that the brand’s reputation remains positive.  In the modern age, it is increasingly important for companies to take control of their online reputation, since a few comments on social media networks can soon put the power to manage the public’s opinions about your brand out of your control. There are several ways in which you can ensure that you generate a great reputation for your brand that will overcome negative remarks about your company.

Creating a strong presence online

One of the most important steps that any company can take to ensure that they manage their reputation effectively is by developing a strong online presence in their own right. This means, for example, creating a top-ranking page or website. Around 9/10 people remain on the first page of Google search engine results when performing a search, and even the second and third results get far fewer clicks than the first. Defeating negative content by coming first in the rankings is therefore essential to maintaining control of your brand.

Try removing the negative content

If someone has set up a negative review site for your brand, or a rival is creating negative content about your product on their site, you can attempt to get Google to remove these pages. You will need to make sure that you follow the rules in order to submit a removal request, including removing negative spam that has captured your company name or personal name for its ads, or is violating your trademark in some way, then you can get the page removed from Google. This is one of the fastest ways to manage negative content, and can be a positive first step to restoring your reputation.

Create your own positive content

It is not enough to outrank or remove negative content – you need to have something to put in its place. This something will be positive content created by your staff, or by outsourced content writers who can create positive text for your site, for social media pages, and for article sites. All of these methods will help you to create positive information about your website that casual viewers can find easily. Online reputation management teams can also help you to create the best positive content for your brand.

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