Using Data

Utilizing Data for the Benefit of Your Rehab and Patients

If your facility is like most, when a patient arrives, you give them a thorough evaluation. Then, your staff uses that information to put together a specific treatment plan. You make this as personalized as possible for the patient. That way, it always gives them exactly what they need. In a sense, this is how we can utilize the data from people who check out your facility. We can use it to better connect to them. That way, they can learn more and more about your facility while going about their lives. Through this, there’s a greater chance that they’ll come to you for the help that they or someone in their lives need. 

To use a hypothetical (which plays out often) a man is worried that his wife has been drinking too much. So, he checks out either your site or one similar to it. He’s intrigued by what he sees, but he ultimately decides not to contact you yet. Then, to take his mind off of things, he streams the game. It’s Thursday Night Football and his favorite team is playing. While he’s watching the game, ads for your facility appear. Then, he goes to see how his fantasy football team is doing. There, again, ads for your facility appear. At this point, he’s been encountering your facility essentially all night. This hasn’t happened in an obtrusive or off-putting way. Quite the opposite, in fact: he was doing what he wanted to do and saw you along the way. Now, when he does decide to reach out to someone, who do you think he’s more likely to reach? That was just a hypothetical, but here at Reputation Rehab, we’ve made that a reality for so many of our clients. 

We can do the same for you. 

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