Depression and Addiction are peaking among College Students

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“Half of the students in fall 2020 screened positive for depression and/or anxiety,” says Sarah Ketchen Lipson, a Boston University mental health researcher and a co-principal investigator of the nationwide survey. As one can argue, depression and addiction are continuously on the rise for college students. Whether it is due to the remote learning environment, lack of online mental health resources, rehabilitation not being able to reach them, and more, this issue needs to be addressed immediately. Let’s start with mental health marketing


What Can Teachers and School Administrators do to Help?  

Lipson, a university assistant professor of health law, policy, and management, says the multiple surveys’ findings underscore the need for university teaching staff and faculty to put mechanisms in place that can accommodate students’ mental health needs. In fact, teachers and faculties should be more involved in assisting students during these unprecedented times. 

One of the actions that teachers can do to help is to be more flexible with deadlines and reminding students that they are not defined by their ability to get a top grade during these challenging semesters. Reassuring the students’ feelings and actions during this time is crucial to stay healthy. Furthermore, encouraging students to go to bed earlier and get valuable sleep is always needed. 

On a higher level within colleges and universities, administrators should focus on providing and improving mental health resources that prioritize drug addiction prevention, coping, and resilience. One of the suggestions from our experts at Reputation Rehab is to organize weekly assemblies or gatherings to share with students about resources, tips and tricks, hacks, and more on how to manage early symptoms of depression and addiction. One could argue that this is an effective prevention method for students to stay informed and manage their symptoms before they get more out of control.


Reputation Rehab Can Help! 

Unlike other industries’ approaches to marketing, we want to work with clinical facilities and their teams to find the right audience and patients. We are not trying to get potential customers interested in the rehabilitation’s resources or materials. We are the middle people who connect you to the best services and centers for your mental health needs. 

Today, we manage more than a dozen addiction and mental health treatment campaigns with over $500,000 in yearly Google Ad Spend for our clients. A few of our successful partnerships and case studies include those with Iris Healing, Crosspointe Recovery, Insight Treatment, and more. We won’t stop there and are excited to bring our expansion and growth plans for 2021 into action! One thing we can tell you from working with so many clients: it is never too late to start. 

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As you can see, Reputation Rehab and the success of mental health marketing and treating depression and addiction go hand in hand. Our experts and resources are extensive for all sorts of mental health facilities and needs. Contact us by dialing (855) 519-0120 or visit for more information.

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