How can Blog help to a Better Online Reputation

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How can a Blog help to a Better Online Reputation?

Companies need to be more aware than ever when it comes to managing their brand reputation online. While traditional media formats can be handled by a PR team, dealing with online customers may be slightly harder. This is because businesses are now exposed to public forums, where anyone with an opinion can comment about your business. One of the best ways that you can establish more control over your reputation is to create a company blog. This allows you to contact your customers and potential customers in an informal setting. There are several reasons why blogs can help you with your reputation.

Creating an online profile

If your company wants to have control of its reputation, then it needs to have a substantial online presence that can overcome negative comments. Part of building a brand means developing a ‘personality’ for the brand and that can be presented easily through a blog. Having senior members of your company, including COOs and senior managers create personal profiles and provide content for the blog can also help to add to your overall online presence, since each member will be linking back to your main blog, to your website, and to other social media networks.

Write your own content

If you are trying to overcome negative content, either in the form of online posts, comments on review sites or articles and websites attacking your business, then you need to create positive content. Blogs are a great way to provide important information on your company to your customers, and can also help you to regularly post positive content. Unlike websites, which are easy to neglect, keeping your blog up to date will ensure that you have new, positive, content available for your viewers. While negative remarks won’t disappear overnight, blogs can help you to reduce their visibility and ensure that there is sufficient positive content to take their place.

Use a blog to link social media

You need to make sure that your company is active on social media, and one of the best formats for this is the use of blog links. You can send people to your blog posts by using Twitter or Facebook posts. This not only helps to spread the word about positive content, but it also provides useful backlinks for both the blog and your website. This helps your business pages to outrank any negative comments.

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