How Has Mental Health Marketing Changed in Today’s Technological Age

mental health marketing

The roaring 20s will be remembered for technological advances and extreme modernity in all areas of studies. With many services being transferred online, people are adapting to using online resources and communicating via smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. The same goes for folks in the mental health industry! mental health marketing is a great marketing tool that rehabilitation and mental health facilities should take advantage of to connect their resources to the right audience. At this point you may wonder, what are the latest changes in mental health marketing? Our team at Reputation Rehab will help you stay up-to-date!      


Social Media Marketing 

We cannot talk about digital rehab marketing without exploring the major role of social media in the whole process. Digital content on social media is considered to be one of the most effective sharing tools. They spread like wildfires because of their ease of accessibility and sharing! Your friend will be informed of the same information that you’re reading with just one click. Furthermore, more social media apps are rapidly being introduced to the market. For example, Tiktok is a great social media platform to familiarize young impressionable adults with addiction and drug treatment because of the younger audience demographic of users. Therefore, mental health facilities and rehabilitation like yours need to understand the nitty-gritty of each social media platform! When working with us, we will take care of that for you. Having experience in mental health marketing and social media for years, we are confident in guiding you to the right path!  


Marketing & Advertising 

Advertising is another big area in mental health marketing that we cannot miss. Our team at Reputation Rehab oversees your entire monthly marketing budget, directing it exactly where it has to go and when. In addition, our goal is always to have your average capacity at 80% per year. We’ve met it time and time again, and we want to put that to work for you. Moreover, we have three different packages for you to choose from! Each comes with a variety of services from web development and web design to SEO analysis and more. Together, these are the perfect combination to start mental health marketing for your rehab facilities!     


Rehab SEO

mental health marketingOf all the mental health marketing changes in the last few years, rehab SEO should be one of the areas that experience the most change! In terms of local SEO, you should be updating this often in order to stand out from your local competitors. By targeting our SEO efforts at those folks, they’re more likely to see everything you offer. Yelp and Google My Business SEO means that potential patients will see your company, but they’ll also see all of the great testimonials and reviews your patients have shared, too. Trust us to share more advice with you and put your facility on top of all result pages! 


Let’s Work Together

As mentioned above, mental health marketing is ever-changing so it is important that you have a team of experts work closely with you to inform you of the latest updates so that you and your rehabilitation team do not fall behind. Our staff at Reputation Rehab are capable of achieving that and have been mastering it for years. Please look at our case studies! For more information, please call us at (855) 519-0120 or visit for more information. Let’s talk marketing!

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