Marketing Ideas for Rehabilitation Centers

Marketing Ideas for Rehabilitation Centers

Coming up with marketing ideas for rehabilitation centers can be tricky from time to time. The industry shifts so quickly and making any sort of impact can be difficult. Even with limited competition, it is hard to promote such a niche medical recovery service, especially when the popular media has distorted how people think about rehabilitation centers. If you are struggling with your marketing, here are a few ideas you can probably adapt to your own campaign.

Replace Your Photo Images With Faceless Cartoon Figures

Run your regular adverts, but instead of showing different people having therapy, just show your facilities being used by faceless figures. They are like stick men cartoons but are a little more detailed. Perhaps similar to those poseable dolls that people use to start their drawings.

Really push the idea that there are no “Types” of people who attend your rehabilitation centers, and that the services on offer are for everybody. Even just a few photos of real people will set expectations for what your rehabilitation center is all about. With stick figures and/or featureless cartoons, you allow people to see and project themselves into the scenarios that you lay out with your adverts.

Ask Questions and More Questions

The “Ask a question” method has worked well for addiction treatment marketing for many years and still has some momentum behind it for rehabilitation center marketing too. You can start with a few leading questions, asking people what their biggest problem is when they tried to recover by themselves, and asking people what their ideal recovery scenario would be. As you ask questions, you lead people to the answer, and the answer is always a stay at your recovery center.

Offer Guided Reassurance Within Your Marketing

There are several ways to go about this. For example, you can build your big selling point around the fact you don’t force people to do things they don’t want to do. You can even advertise your easy-out system where people may leave without being asked or accosted on the way out. 

You can offer reassurance that trained medical staff will make the withdrawal process a lot easier than what people have to suffer through on the outside. The point of guided reassurance is that you are reassuring with the aim of drawing people into your recovery center. You are like a spider who lures a fly into its web. Except that you are doing it by softening the worries and concerns of the people who may visit your place. You are helping them.

You are working under the idea that people already want to visit your place, but that they may have worries and concerns that keep them away. In a very subtle, but very real way, you are actually deciding for your advert viewers. By assuming that the viewer already wants to visit your place, it is as if you have made their mind up for them and now you are just reassuring them that their decision was correct. It is a subtle mind game but is pretty effective when undertaken in the correct way, for the right reasons.

Get Veteran Marketers to Help You

The great thing about creative marketing is that it doesn’t have to be original. People have been recycling the same ideas for generations. The only things that change are the formatting, framing, and perhaps some of the references. If you are looking for time-tested marketing ideas for rehabilitation centers, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab today and start taking your marketing campaign in a new direction.

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