The First Few Steps For Drug Rehab SEO

drug rehab seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not the same as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. There is not a linear and predictable path to success. SEO is more like cooking a 12-course meal in an industrial kitchen with 3000 tools and 600 chefs already in there cooking their own meals. Your drug rehab SEO obviously differs from other types of SEO because you are targeting a number of conflicting parties, from addicts themselves to families, as well as attracting the right attention from other medical companies. Here are a few first steps to get you started.

Get Yourself on Google My Business

There is a Google function called Google My Business where you may claim ownership of a business or brand. Sign up and give them your business details, and they will show them on the Google search engine results. You can add in all sorts of things, from your opening times and map location to your website and basic information. This means that whenever somebody is searching Google for your business name or brand name, they will see your details come up on the screen.

Service and Brand Principles of Drug Rehab SEO

What is it that your business is best known for? The thing about SEO is that it has a lot of similarities to branding as a whole. A good branding marketing campaign will push a single brand principle or idea, and they will push it hard, and once the consumer is interested, they will start to open up and display more of their selling points and brand principles.

You need to take a similar approach. You need to think about what your primary selling point is, and you need to push that point above all others. What will people think when they see your brand or your ads? Do you offer the fastest results, the best prices, the most intensive services?

Pick your selling point and make it the focal point of all your SEO. That way, when people search on Google for something like the fastest results, they will get your adverts and your web pages appearing on their search engine results. Then, once they are at your website or making inquiries, then you let them see your other brand principles and selling points.

You Do Not Need Tools

Forget paying for SEO tools. The only ones you need are Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and the only reason you need those is so they can tell you about problems with your websites (such as if a page isn’t displaying correctly).

Factors Affecting Your SEO

The fact is that how popular your website and your brand are will always have the biggest effect. If ten celebrities went on Facebook and YouTube tomorrow and started talking about your rehabilitation establishment, then your website would be at the top of Google tomorrow. However, since you are probably not going to see a big surge in popularity any time soon, there are a few smaller areas you can concentrate on.

  • Page load speed – This is still a big deal for Google, check your speed here.
  • Schema markup – Well-written websites go hand-in-hand with quick loading.
  • Videos – Useful for some websites, detrimental to others.
  • Secured website (SSL) – web browsers want all websites to go this way.
  • Website structure – Concentrate on good and intuitive navigation.
  • Header tags – Relevant and useful rather than written for search engines.
  • Mobile-friendly – Responsive websites are mandatory these days.
  • Targeted content – This actually means useful content to a targeted audience.
  • Internal linking – Good navigation should cover this.
  • Imagery – Images are useful to some websites, detrimental to others.
  • Meta descriptions – let the search engines know what you think your web page is about.
  • Page titles – Useful, descriptive, and accurate.
What About The Last Few Steps?

As you probably know, things like Drug Rehab SEO take a lot of time and a lot of effort. That is why larger companies invest literally millions per year into getting attention from search engines. If you would like to take what you have done so far and push for further success with more sustained momentum, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab. With a little help, you can solidify your online reputation and help ensure your establishment is seen more prominently on search engines.

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