The Pitfalls to Avoid When Conducting Recovery Marketing

Recovery Marketing

Modern Recovery Marketing is a multifaceted endeavor where there are no template sweeping answers or solutions. You are not marketing a new energy drink, you are not promoting cars, there are no methods that work across the board. If you are trying to promote your medical establishments, lab, clinic, etc., you need to come up with your own bespoke plan for recovery marketing. Here are a few things to avoid when you are trying to market your recovery services.

Trying to Follow a Formula

As hinted at in the introduction, there is no proven formula that works for all types of clinics and medical establishments, especially when it comes to recovery. In almost every circumstance, unless you are dealing with a long-established marketing trend, you will need a customized and fully bespoke marketing method. That doesn’t mean you need to change your campaign and create a fresh new one each time, it simply means that many times you can’t keep putting your square peg in the square hole, because the square hole will have changed shape by the time your campaign gets going. The sad fact is that you will have a hard time creating a workable formula for your campaigns. You will always have to put in more work than others have to in the medical industry. 

Trying to Recreate Past Success Without Micro Testing First

Forget learning from your mistakes. It is not as effective as learning from your successes, and there is always a temptation to try to recreate your successes without fully understanding why they were successful in the first place. It is known as the Pirates of the Caribbean problem. The creators had a hit on their hand, and each subsequent sequel proved they had no idea why it was successful. In one sequel they doubled down on the magic, they brought back the dead captain, they doubled down on the romance, and they even did a sequel with just Jack Sparrow.

What they should have done is what you should do. Figure out what you “Think” is making the campaign successful, and then micro-test your newer creations with a smaller or manageable audience to see how well they work. If you also have a way of measuring success, perhaps through new contacts, sign-ups, or sales, then all the better. The biggest mistake is to run with a big and expensive campaign that is identical to the last, or that borrows heavily from your last campaign, without micro testing it first to see if what you are doing will work this time.

Getting Help From The Wrong People

There are many ways that a marketing company can really mess up your online reputation and your workable marketing methods/avenues. There are many companies that do not fully understand how the medical industry works when it relates to recovery. They take a very “Hollywood” and very popular-notion approach when recovery is far more complex and diverse than the popular zeitgeist would allow us to believe. If you need real help with your Recovery Marketing, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab. Get some real professionals to help you with your online marketing. Find workable solutions to your marketing problems so that you have more impact and success over the long term.

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