Will Marketing Rehabilitation Services Ever Get Easier?

marketing rehabilitation services

The fact is that marketing rehabilitation services will never get easier. This is because you are always dealing with at least three target audiences that almost always have very different priorities. This article covers those different groups and their varying priorities.

The Addicted Person

For starters, this is not the most difficult person to market to. This person doesn’t want to be in the grip of addiction anymore. All the fear, the anger, the denial and rejection happens later on down the line. When people are looking up solutions to their addiction, they only have that goal in mind, and all you have to do is offer them a reasonable solution to help them start achieving that goal.

The Addicted Person’s Family

This is the most difficult group to market to because they think they want the addicted person to get better, but what they actually want is a quick solution that works every time. Some feel the addicted person needs punishment for their self-indulgence, others feel they need locking away from their addiction, and others feel they need counseling to help heal their wounds and so forth. Here you have a lot of similar agendas, but the methods by which you appeal to these people are very diverse and very complicated.

The Addicted Person’s Medical Professional

Oddly enough, in most cases the medical professional is looking for the easiest answer, otherwise they want a solution that matches what is comfortable to them. It is an odd situation that is probably best described with this saying, “To a person with a hammer, every problem is a nail.” In other words, chemists find the chemical reason, doctors find the medical reason, psychologists find the mental reason. They all have a comfort zone as to how the addicted person should be treated. With that in mind, you do have a nicely diverse group of people you need to please, but in most cases, the way you market to them is pretty similar.

How You Get Your Message Across

All of the items above have addressed the different target groups you are trying to sell to, and how you may appeal to them. The next biggest problem is how you actually gain contact with them, and this is often trickier than it sounds. This is because the addict and the family members will take a similar approach. They will use a search engine or a directory, and therefore will see the same adverts. This is a problem because, as you read above, the addict and the family members each have very difficult priorities. You may write the perfect advert to appeal to spouses of addicts, but if the mother of an addict reads it, she may not be so impressed. Ergo, getting your message across is difficult, but making sure the right person sees the right message is even more difficult.

Getting Good Marketing Help

If you need marketing rehabilitation services and you are struggling, then strongly consider the services of Reputation Rehab. With a seasoned team of professional marketing and PR people, the team is able to drive traffic to your website and encourage people through your door. It is a tough task, but the fact that it is tough is why you shouldn’t go it alone.

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