Addiction Blog Management and Google Penalties During These Unprecedented Times

addiction blog management

Addiction blog management is one of the important factors that you need to master in order to make a great first impression on your mental health facilities. Think of it this way: Your blogs are your way of giving your prospective patients a tour of what you have to offer. Informative, engaging, inspirational, and educational blogs can inform patients all on their own. So now, you may wonder, what are the steps to getting it right? Reputation Rehab can help you with that! 


Selecting the right Keyword 

You should focus on ranking for the right keywords. This is a great way for search engines such as Google and Bing to direct potential clients to your facility. Research shows that more than half of all search engine users click on a result on the first page, and the higher you are ranked, the better off you are. The keyword should be in your blog’s title, introduction, conclusion, and more. The more the better! 

addiction blog mangagement

The Content and Google Penalties 

Now here is the tricky part. There are four main Google Penalties that will be considered when it comes to ranking and managing your blogs. It is important that you stay informed and know how to avoid them for the best results. Let’s start with Google Panda. 


  • Google Panda 

This penalty is given for low-quality content. Some of the triggers for it are thin content, duplicated content, lack of trustworthiness, high-ad-to-content ratio, and more. To avoid this, you must write unique blogs that are a hundred percent authentic, do not litter your page with advertisements, do not plagiarize from other sites, etc.   


  • Google Penguin 

Google Penguin is designed to penalize pages that have bad linkings. This is so that the Google search engine can enhance the value of search results for users. What are the triggers? One of them is keyword stuffing, which refers to repeating a large number of keywords on one blog page. This is seen as keyword manipulation and therefore decreases the relevancy of your blogs. 


  • Google Hummingbird 

This penalty is a little different. Google Hummingbird is a new update that gives more semantics to the keywords that are searched for. For example, if you searched for “Addiction blog management COVID-19” before the update, your search would bring up the CDC homepage about COVID-19. After Hummingbird, you receive the link directly to this blog for example! Therefore, you should write content thematically and not keyword-centric.


  • Google Pigeon 

By focusing on patients’ locations, Google Pigeon will deliver local results that are more relevant to their search. This update considers the location and distance of the patients so that the next steps of reaching out and contacting facilities will be easier. 


Blog Management and the Penalties 

Don’t worry! These Google penalties are easier to avoid than you think. Reputation Rehab can guide you to the most effective way for addiction blog management. From keyword research to content creation, they’ve got you covered! For more information, please contact (855) 519-0120 or visit  

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