How to Cope with Loneliness and Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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It is completely valid if you still have not fully adjusted yourself to this current remote working culture. There is nothing wrong with taking longer than others and prioritizing you as well as your health first. In fact, research shows that young adults are at high risk for increases in loneliness and mental health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of the rise of remote working. However, every problem has at least one solution! At Reputation Rehab, they have consulting and other services to help your mental health facilities.  

Young Adults and Loneliness 

Depression and anxiety are two common problems that many young adults struggle with amidst the pandemic. Researchers have found that these two are associated with the same root: loneliness. This is because young adults are at this stage in life where they are undergoing a critical time of interpersonal development, education, and career-building. These changes are not small. They are critical turning points in life where young adults’ brains and bodies will be overwhelmed with both internal and external changes. Unfortunately, in many areas of the country, the situation is worsening. Therefore, it is crucial for rehab facilities to connect young adults with others who can understand and support them through these unprecedented times, especially through consulting and other services at Reputation Rehab. 

consulting and other services

Well-Being Promotion and Resilience Enhancement 

The trajectory of worsening loneliness and mental health symptoms can lead to more serious mental health problems. Multiple studies have shown that the worsening process really took off nine months after the initial outbreak in March of 2020. If interventions are not implemented now, the future of young adults will be harmed. So, how can mental health facilities help? 

Introducing and Practicing Adaptive Coping Strategies

There is an extensive list of healthy coping strategies for loneliness that mental health facilities can introduce teenagers to. Not all of them will work but each individual will most likely find at least one or two that work for them. Whether it is trying out a new workout routine, adopting a new hobby, or reconnecting with old friends, there is always a healthy way out of loneliness. All they need to do is to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. At Reputation Rehab, we promise that the process will not be as scary as one might imagine. 

Consulting Services 

Reputation Rehab can connect you, your facilities, and your clients with treatment consulting experts. Additionally, they can also put you with marketing consultants who can help your center to reach more people in need. Their consultants are usually either part of our in-house team or independent contractors. They work case-by-case, based on their availability and willingness. Reputation Rehab’s extensive networks and connections can help every aspect of your rehab. 

Contact to Learn More 

Consultation is not the only service that Reputation Rehab provides. Their rehab marketing services are extensive and cover almost all of every individual’s request. To learn more, please contact (855) 519-0120 or visit

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