Advice On SEO for Mental Health Professionals

SEO for Mental Health Professionals

Modern SEO for Mental Health Professionals is a little different from how it used to be. In the old days, your average medical center or health clinic would follow the same rules for SEO as other websites. These days, things are a little different. Medical professionals and health clinics are in a little niche of their own. So, here is a little SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for health professionals, clinics, and surgeries.

Market to Three Different Groups

A large part of modern SEO is the marketing of your services. You need to get the word out there about your products and services. Then, when people interact with your website, search engines like Google record their activity and they rank your website accordingly. For example, if only fishermen visited your website, you would start seeing your website appearing on a lot of Google’s fishing-related search engine results.

You need to divide your marketing between the people who will take your services, such as people with addictions. You need to market to people who want these services for other people, such as the families, friends, and co-workers of addicts. Finally, you want to market to other professionals because not only will you draw good PR, but you are also more likely to be mentioned on other medical-industry-related websites. 

Marketing a Single Selling Point

Your website can be loaded with selling points, but your other online marketing needs to concentrate on a single selling point. As mentioned earlier, you are marketing to different groups, so your selling point should differ depending on the people you are marketing to. 

For example, if you are marketing directly to a potential patient, then you should highlight how accommodating your services are, how people may leave whenever they want and how nobody is forced to participate.

If you are marketing to family members and co-workers, then concentrate on a different selling point. You could concentrate on how anonymous your services are, or you could focus on your cure rates. If you try to push more than one selling point, then you dilute your biggest selling points.

Optimize Your Web Pages By Slimming Them Down

If you have web pages full of information, then that is fine, but those shouldn’t be your main up-front pages. The pages that people see first should be the ones that summarize your services and their biggest selling points. The pages full of content and information should be placed on “Further reading” pages where people may read if they want more information.

People talk a lot about optimizing web pages with keywords, relevant pictures, metadata, and such. However, the best thing you can often do for your web pages is to slim them down. Create a sales funnel where people are drawn in by fairly straightforward and concise content. If they are interested in your services, then let them click the relevant buttons/links to be led down the correct sales funnel path.

Get Help From Experts

Again, it isn’t about revamping your content in a big way. It is about marketing your services and your website in the correct way, and then slimming down your website and making it more concise. Doing some high-quality online marketing, along with slimming down your content, will make your website far more search-engine friendly than any page-optimization service could possibly dream of. The best SEO for Mental Health Professionals comes from veteran services like Reputation Rehab. Get in touch today and start working to rework your website’s SEO right away.

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