Stop Overpaying For Substance Abuse Marketing

Substance Abuse Marketing

Modern substance abuse marketing can be very expensive. There are many reasons for this, mostly due to marketing agencies and affiliate networks that charge extra for difficult-to-promote services. Setting up a marketing campaign that has an impact is difficult without a marketing service to do it for you, but that doesn’t mean you should be paying overly high prices for their services. 

Marketing Companies Have Great Contacts

Let’s say you want to write a guest post and have it featured on a popular website. Getting your content onto that website may be very difficult simply because you don’t have the industry contacts required to make it happen. Whereas a marketing company may have those contacts. They may have a series of deals with members of the syndication network, which means they can have your content featured on those websites. 

This is a great selling point, but it doesn’t mean you should be paying a massive amount for your marketing. We all like good exposure on popular platforms, but there are many healthcare services that simply don’t need that sort of exposure. They often have a more localized target audience, so national exposure is not as important. Plus, if it is smaller but more niche/local websites you want, then plenty of marketing services can gain access to them, ergo you shouldn’t be paying premium prices for your marketing services.

Marketing Companies Can Saturate Media

This is another true fact about marketing companies, they can get a single message onto a number of different websites and platforms. Even simple things like Facebook groups. You may need to take weeks or months to build credibility on various industry-related Facebook groups, but your marketing company may already have (and own) several groups.

This is a great selling point for healthcare companies that want to get their message out, but there are levels of exposure that you should have the ability to control. For example, a good marketing company may offer limited media saturation at a lower price. You still get your message out, but slightly fewer people are impacted by it. 

Marketing Companies Understand Affiliate Advertising

If you want your adverts to run on affiliate networks, then hiring a marketing company is a double-edged sword. Some marketing companies will use their expertise to create perfectly optimized affiliate advertising campaigns. They will ensure that you get value from every penny you put into the system. Then there are marketing companies that feed the affiliate networks and let the networks do all the work, which gets you a far lower return on your investment.

If you are hoping to get a better return on your investment from your substance abuse marketing, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab. With a team of knowledgeable experts at your disposal, you can pick your own budget and make a genuine impact with your marketing campaigns. Get in touch, discuss your marketing requirements and needs, and set out a plan to help move your marketing campaign forward.

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