Are PPC Therapy Advertisements The Answer?

are ppc therapy advertisements the answer

Should you be running PPC (Pay Per Click) ads for your therapy sessions? Is PPC therapy Advertisement the answer to your marketing campaign woes? Will it penetrate your core audience, or will you be throwing money away for nothing? This article offers a little advice on if you should run a PPC campaign for your therapy sessions.



Be Careful With Your Money

Unless you have a lot of experience with pay-per-click advertising, then you shouldn’t be commuting a lot of money to the campaign, especially if you are dealing with a marketing company for the first time.

There is a chance that PPC marketing is something you don’t want to learn about, and ergo you don’t want to try it out on your own. However, if you do, start very small. Just invest a few dollars per day with a written text advert. Try it out with something simple.

Starting Small With Your New Marketing Company

Keep it simple when you first buy from a marketing company. Have them run very small campaigns and see what sort of results you get back. They are going to tell you that the more you invest, then the more you can compete and the better you will do, but the fact is that offering more money simply makes their job easier.

Try to remember that the people who win at PPC are the ones who are willing to wait. You can pay ten thousand dollars per day to reach the top of ever search engine result and every affiliate website, but your cost per click and cost per customer acquisition will be massive. On the other hand, if you play the long game, if you are clever about your marketing, then you can get better value for money. 

Try A Variety of Different Advertisements

Image and video ads are very difficult to create, and they require a lot of skill. However, text adverts, such as those you can write on Google Ads, are pretty simple. They are easy to write, and they are easy to get online. This means that even if you are a novice PPC marketer, you can try a wide variety of different adverts to see which work the best.

The most important ads are the ones that get you new customers and new bookings. These are the adverts that you should build on and improve to make them more effective. Also, if you find that some of your ads start to result in more sales and bookings, then consider increasing its daily budget so that more people see it. 

Get Better Value For Money

Do not hand your PPC money over to any old marketing company. When you do, you are handing them the freedom to do whatever they want and call it a success. When you pay for PPC therapy ads, you need to do it through a very transparent (and let’s face it, honest) marketing company. You need to know what they are going to do with your money in order to build your online reputation and get you more clients and customers. Get in touch with Reputation Rehab today and you will get good and measurable value for the money you spend. 

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