Have Healthcare Marketing Companies Become Too Expensive?

healthcare marketing companies

In short, yes, healthcare marketing companies are too expensive, which means the responsibility is on you to find a company that offers good value for money. That is what really counts when it comes to healthcare marketing. It is very easy to burn through money when you are marketing, and low quality marketing companies will take advantage of that fact. If you can get quantifiable, recordable, measurable results from a marketing company, then you can judge it service’s value for money.

Which Metrics Matter?

It is very important that you understand how marketing companies work. The good marketing companies will focus on getting you new customers, new bookings and new paying customers. A poor quality company will try to sell you on the idea that more traffic is good, that being featured on social media is good, and that more inquiries is good. These are good things, but they are not a measure of success. 

Unless people are paying you money or planning to pay you money, then they are not customers. A poor quality marketing company wants to prove itself with increased website traffic because traffic can be bought from click mill. They know that being featured on social media is so easy that a sneezing panda can do it. They know that they can have everybody on their staff make a fake inquiry so that it looks like a real customer inquiry. To avoid these types of scams, simply judge success by how many paying customers you get.

Does Success Demand Success?

The price of healthcare marketing consultancies and promotional companies does suggest that you need a lot of money to pay for marketing that then makes you a lot of money. It is the old “You gotta spend money to make money” conundrum. Yet, everybody has to start somewhere. Marketing companies are not going to advertise it, but they will have plans, schemes and pricing tiers that suit lower budgets. Perhaps not all the marketing companies offer smaller/economy packages, but many marketing companies do because they know that every healthcare company is not a multi-national conglomerate.

With all that said, if you are running a smaller company, it does pay to learn a little about marketing. It pays to do a little yourself and to keep finding new ways to gain more customers. At least if you try it yourself, then you are more prepared for when the marketing company starts throwing their esoteric advertising words at you. Give it a go yourself before you start paying for help from expensive marketing companies.

Find a Price That Suits You

There is no determined or set-in-stone price for healthcare marketing. It is not like buying barrels of crude oil on the open market. Prices can be adjusted to suit your budget. Healthcare marketing companies can alter their plans and subscription fees to suit your needs and your budget. Get in touch with Reputation Rehab today and pick an action plan that fits your budget. The great thing is that after your campaign is successful and you have more clients, you will have more profits that you can invest into making your next marketing campaign more successful. 

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