How to Increase Your Rehab’s Exposure with Addiction Treatment Directory Listings

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Reputation Rehab understands that getting your facility listed on directory listing sites is one of the strong starting steps for you to get your rehab treatment center on top. One of the benefits is that it widens the net of potential patients you can reach. When it comes to selecting a place for treatment, there are a lot of choices on the rehab market. For many people, a well-organized directory offers a way to sort through options. In fact, one addiction treatment directory gets over 50,000 visits per day. So, let’s start listing your rehabs! 


Listings Can Benefit Your SEO 

Think of it this way, the more mentions and references about your facility there are on the internet, the more verification your site will generate, and search engines such as Google will recognize that. It is important to include backlinks, mentions and other consistent information across sources to boost your ranking and avoid Google penalties. As a result, your rehab SEO increases drastically. 


For example, one of our clients at Reputation Rehab, Glendora Recovery Center, is listed on a trustworthy listing site for rehab centers, Psychology Today, with information that matches that on their original website. Furthermore, as you can see in the following image, backlinks are included, directing viewers to the specific sub-pages on their website (e.g. programs, services, contact page, etc.). 


Examples of Listing Sites That You Can Start 

At Reputation Rehab, we have a list of paid niche directories listing sites for you to list your rehab. We can guarantee you that the listing sites are official and trustworthy, which can generate addiction leads to your facility when patients visit the site. Furthermore, there are free and paid listing options. Our digital marketing team can work with you and your budget to get your rehab listed. Examples of reliable listing sites are,,, and


reputation rehabWhat happens after your rehab gets listed? When a reputation website links to your website, you earn a backlink. This is almost like a referral from another website and it signals to search engines that your page is worth mentioning. As an increasing number of websites mention your site, your authority and lead grow. This leads to higher rankings in search results. Having extensive experience in listing and referring our rehab clients for years, we can guarantee that we will deliver results for you and your rehab treatment centers as quickly and effectively as possible. 


Lastly, our Reputation Rehab team also want to mention that there are many other ways to get backlinks without being listed. You can definitely try these methods out on top of listing your rehab center on listing sites. The first one is unlink mentioning, which basically means including your rehab name but not linking it to your homepage. Another way is guest posts, which means submitting your rehab articles to a reliable blogger and asking them to post your articles. Oftentimes they’ll recognize you as an expert in your area and someone who will provide valuable insight for their readers. And that’s how you secure a link on a site through guest posting. For more information, please call us at (855) 519-0120 or visit  

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