Keep Your SEO for Drug Rehab Very Broad

SEO for Drug Rehab

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not just about inserting keywords into text and making sure you have enough images on each page. It is now about the user experience. It is about how popular your web pages are, how useful they are, and how well they work. In many cases, SEO is now considered one of many forms of marketing/promotion. And with that in mind, you should probably keep your SEO as open and as broad as possible if you want to promote your drug rehabilitation services, centers, and clinics. Here is why you shouldn’t narrow your focus when you conduct your SEO for drug rehab.

Your Marketing is Focused

Depending on the services you offer, you are probably running marketing campaigns that focus very tightly on the types of people you wish to attract. That is how your marketing should be conducted. However, your SEO is going to draw people to your website, and in realistic terms, you should keep things as “Everybody Friendly” as possible. Even though your adverts and your branding messages are targeted at drug-addicted people, your SEO work should target a wider audience so that you receive a more rounded group of people on your website. This will help promote your services beyond simple direct selling, and it may also help to improve your online reputation too.

Search Engine Friendly For All People

There are a lot of interested parties when it comes to drug rehab. There are family members of the people suffering, there are co-workers and bosses of the people with addictions. Other medical people may be interested in your service, and various news publications may be interested in your services and your website too. When people are searching for drug rehabilitation, it shouldn’t just be the addict who finds you at the top of their results. Family, bosses, news media, etc., should also find you at the top of their search engine results.

Broad SEO Moves

These come in many forms, but for example, if you are creating guest posts to put on other people’s websites, don’t just target the sorts of websites that your drug-addicted patients would frequent. That sort of thing is great for your adverts, but not for your SEO guest posts. Instead, your guests’ posts should target the places that middle-aged parents may visit, or that business owners may visit. The same is true when you are posting search-engine-optimized content on social media. Don’t just target the areas where your patients may visit, target areas where other potential website visitors would frequent.

Find The Right Type of Help

You are not expected to know everything about SEO. There are a lot of factors and quite a bit of nuance. There are also technical sides of SEO that many people are unable to fix or alter because they haven’t had the proper training. If you are looking to improve your SEO for drug rehab, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab. With the right type of help, you can broaden your SEO appeal so that all interested parties will land on your website, instead of just potential customers.

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