How Important is Social Media in Addiction Treatment Marketing?

Reputation Rehab 08/22/22
Addiction Treatment Marketing

Using the correct addiction treatment marketing techniques is fundamental to reaching people who need help. Search engine optimization, content creation, and paid advertisements help individuals find your services. But where does social media fall in this marketing style, and how important is it? Reputation Rehab has the answers. Social Media Is Integral to Digital Marketing…

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Bolster Your Treatment Marketing By Doing it Less

Reputation Rehab 06/18/22
bolster your treatment marketing by doing it less

The odd thing is that advertising works. Even cheap advertising works. It may not do your company any good over the long term, but for some reason, advertising works. That is why larger companies are able to go on existing long after their products have become outdated and unloved. However, your treatment marketing plan could…

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What You Need to Know About Treatment Center Marketing

Reputation Rehab 05/19/22
Treatment Center Marketing

Treatment center marketing is different from typical forms of marketing. Standard marketing methods are designed to bring customers in, solve their problems, and retain them if possible. Your goals are different as a treatment facility. You’re not trying to find sales or retain clients. You’re trying to help people achieve peace, sobriety, and stability. Here’s…

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Silliest Treatment Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid Online

Reputation Rehab 04/08/21
Treatment Marketing

Perhaps one of the silliest things that online Treatment Marketing can do is to try to empathize with the potential applicants. It is already patronizing enough when vapid celebrities go online and tout the benefits of rehab, but it is even worse having an online advert pretend it knows what the addict is going through….

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