Ways a Drug Rehab Marketing Agency Can Damage Your Online Reputation

drug rehab marketing agency

Take your car to a mechanic to have the brake pads replaced, and a good mechanic will fix them and make your car better. It may even make your car better than it was before because it adds better and more advanced brake pads. Or, it could make your car worse. It could install the wrong size of brake pad, fail to re-attach the fixtures, accidentally dent the frame when they lift your car, and accidentally short out your onboard computer. A drug rehab marketing agency is supposed to help your health services, but sometimes, it can make things bad, then worse, and in some cases can irreparably damage your business’s reputation.

When an Agency Mismanages Your Brand

There are hundreds of ways a poor-quality marketing agency can do this. Some treat your business like a retail company and they start pushing price over quality. Others seem to understand your brand principles, but they do not understand the meaning behind them and so create content that is completely unsuitable for your business.

When an Agency Mismanages Your Message (Getting Better over becoming comfortable with yourself)

This is a very important one that is very meaningful within the health and recovery industry. Mismanaging your message can have a massive effect on your potential customers, but also on the people already undergoing treatment and the people who already have a relationship with your brand.

A classic example is when a marketing company pushes the notion of “Getting better” over your message that people should learn to become comfortable with themselves. Even worse, the misuse of the word “Better” can put people in the wrong mindset, meaning they seek a cure for their issues rather than working to understand and tame their issues.

When They Post Spam Reviews And Get You Banned

Modern companies will create spam reviews about their services that are gushing and positive. This is an industry standard at this point, but overzealous marketing companies can spam too many or do it incorrectly and end up getting your company shadowbanned from massive network chains.

All of a sudden, your business stops appearing in search engine results whenever its adverts use certain phrases or stops appearing in search engine results for people in certain areas, and you lose a lot of potential customers.

When They Argue With Negative Reviews And Anger People

Nothing is more unseemly than a company that argues with its customers online, and even worse than that, are the companies that blame the customer or somebody else online. Nobody says you have to apologize, and nobody says you have to reply to the negative comments. Suffice it to say that marketing companies that respond negatively or combatively will put your brand in serious danger.

You Need Professional Help

If you are looking for help to market your health service, then you need professional help from a company that has been in business for years. In marketing and PR, the companies that do the best job are the ones that stay around the longest.

It is one of the few industries in the world where if a company is long-established, it is almost always a sign of competence and good works. If you would like to expand your branding efforts, or you would like to create a new marketing campaign, then you need a drug rehab marketing agency, you need Reputation Rehab.

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