Marketing Your Services For Stock Market Gambling Addiction

stock market gambling addiction

Most things can become addictive. Chemical addiction is easier because it gives the human body a shortcut to the pleasure and craving process, but almost anything can be addictive. Now that stock market trading has become so easy, and due to it being advertised so often on websites like YouTube, stock market gambling addiction has become a very real problem. There are people out there who need help, so here are a few ideas on how you may market to such people.

Target the Websites You Know They Frequent

It isn’t out of bounds to start advertising on websites that talk about stocks, or those that write about stock trading tools, tips, directories, and groups. You can advertise through affiliate programs so that your adverts appear on such websites. You can also post content on them, ask to be a guest writer, comment in forums, comment on articles and videos.

Offer Real-World Word-of-Mouth Incentives

Word of mouth marketing is a viable strategy for stock market addiction. The people who visit and use your health service while probably know other people who are addicted to stock market trading. They will probably know other people who treat the whole process with the sort of feverous enthusiasm that needs tempering before it gets out of control. Addicts often know addicts, and it is especially true in this case.

Create a Campaign That Fits Your Target Audience

This sounds like “Non-advice” since it is so obvious, but there are several ways you can create a campaign that fits your target audience. You could create adverts that look like they are a cheap broker and tips services. You could create adverts and campaigns that focus on how much debt your potential customers have, or perhaps campaigns that focus on how much your clients are missing out on life because they are too obsessed with stock trading.

Don’t Be Afraid to Alienate People

One of the things that many people forget is that good adverts are supposed to alienate. They are supposed to scare some people away. This is especially true with affiliate adverts where you are paying per click. Take the example of mid-priced car adverts. They either have the price of the car on the advert or its financing terms.

This is to scare away people who are not potential buyers. It is to scare away and alienate the sort of people who don’t want a car and cannot afford the car on display. Even as a health service, you need to scare certain people away.

It is not all about clicks, and it is not all about attention. If you are receiving clicks and visits from people who are not suitable candidates for your service and do not have loved ones who are suitable candidates, then those people are wasting your time and money.

Offer Payment Incentives That Suit People in Deep Debt

Get in touch with Reputation Rehab and start a discussion on how you can create a campaign targeted at stock market gambling addiction. Start small and see where the campaign takes you. If forums start drawing in clients, then focus your next campaign on those. If online gaming gets a few hits, then focus your next campaign there. Get in touch with the professional marketers at Reputation Rehab and start laying the groundwork for a productive ongoing campaign.

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