Ways to Improve Your Drug Rehab Marketing

drug rehab marketing

Getting to grips with your drug rehab marketing has always been tricky. There are several factors at play. For example, you have several very different target audiences, from the addicts themselves to employers to family members. You also have countless mindsets for your target audience, from those who feel your services should take a punitive tact, to those who feel people need chemical, psychological or spiritual solutions.

Slash Your Budget Significantly

One of the reasons why your marketing is so expensive is because you are so willing to spend money on it. Slash your marketing budget by around 50% and aim for the same results you have always had. Find ways to stretch your costs and save money on your marketing by forcing yourself to work with a smaller budget.

The first place where you need to slash your spending is affiliate advertising where bidding is involved. If you are trying to gain viewers by out-bidding your competitors, then you need to slash that budget significantly. Those systems work to exploit the biggest spenders. You may get far fewer viewers if you offer lower bid prices, but your costs per viewer will offer far better value for money.

Be More Selective With Offline Marketing

Let’s say you are running a booklet campaign where you send out a booklet of your jewelry to all your previous customers. In this case, you shouldn’t try to save money by creating a cheaper booklet, you should save money by being more selective when it comes to people you send the booklet to. Perhaps only sending it to people who have spent a certain amount in your store, or to people who have bought more than once. You also need to make a great effort to find out if the people you are sending the booklet to are still living in the house you send it to.

Beware of simply stopping sending booklets to people simply because they haven’t spent in years. Some people do wait a very long time before making their next purchase, and some may still be looking through your booklet for ideas on what to buy. Try to find other ways to figure out if people are still living there, perhaps by looking at electoral registers or by offering rewards for some sort of correspondence.

Start With The Basics

If you decide to bring in a marketing company to help with your drug rehab marketing, then consider taking things all the way back to the basics. You don’t need to start a fresh new campaign with new ideas but consider going all the way back to who you are targeting, why you are targeting, and how you wish to gain favor with them. What do they see during a normal day? Where do their eyes land? Most people spend four hours at the most on the Internet, so what are they doing for the other 20 hours in the day? Get in touch with the team at Reputation Rehab and get back to basics so that you can improve your marketing from the ground up.

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