A Few Ways to Optimize Your Rehab Marketing

rehab marketing

How you fix up and improve your rehab marketing is going to depend largely on the type of marketing campaign you are running, and the brand principles you uphold. For example, an email marketing splurge with several deep discounts for previous customers may improve your good name and your online reputation quite a bit. On the other hand, if your brand principles highlight the quality and pay for quality, then having a sale and deep discounts may damage your online reputation. Nevertheless, here are a few broad ways you can improve your marketing for your rehab services.

Strongly Consider Re-Targeting Based On Your Current Customers

As time goes on, the way we advertise evolves. In most cases, it evolves to suit a brand, but it also evolves based on our beliefs about our target audience. Consider the people who are actually walking through your doors and compare them with the assumptions you are making about your target audience. If you were to show your adverts to the people in your building right now, would they be impressed?

On that note, you should take a little time to question your paying customers on your marketing. Ask them how they found out about you and try to learn a little more about them and why they chose your company over any others.

Eliminate The Adverts That Don’t Work

If people are telling you they selected your company/services because of your advert, then determine which adverts worked (on social media, on websites, on search engines), and pinpoint the ones that are never referenced. Perhaps the ones that are never quoted are simply not working. There are some adverts that work because they remind people of your service without causing them to act. However, there are some adverts that are ignored completely, and if none of your current customers claim they arrived because of said adverts, then scrap them and invest the money elsewhere.

Ask Previous Customers to Recommend You

With some companies, you can give people an incentive to refer you to their friends. For example, if they get their friend to buy through a certain link, they are rewarded with store credit. However, rehabilitation cannot be sold in a similar way. Instead, ask people to recommend your services based on how well your customers thought you did. If you really helped somebody, they may be happy to recommend you to other people; you just need to remind them to recommend you to other people. They may be happy to help.

They may figure that you are already booked up and so they don’t recommend you. If you remind them to recommend you to people who need your help, then some people may become unpaid ambassadors of your simply because they are grateful for what you did for them.

Find the Right Type of Help

Your rehab marketing is a tricky business that is difficult enough, but there is also the fact that it can all go very wrong. If you put the wrong people in charge, then your attempts to optimize may create the sorts of problems that take years to fix. If you need help fixing up or optimizing your marketing, then get in touch with the team at Reputation Rehab and get things off to a good start.


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