What Are the Top Marketing Ideas for Rehabilitation Centers?

marketing ideas for rehabilitation centers

At the end of 2021, addiction treatment centers need to feel confident that they have a marketing strategy for the future and know how they are going to appeal to the next intake of addicts as they come out of hospital-based withdrawal. Working with addicts and patients means building levels of trust and understanding that should not be overtaken by shiny SEO strategies and other types of a marketing plan. Instead, building strong marketing ideas for rehabilitation centers with the team at Rehabilitation Rehab should be working towards bringing in addicts and establishing a rapport with them that can be used as a basis for treatment. Understanding how to use the top strategies for marketing to start transforming your SEO and social media promotions is essential for a successful 2022.

Encouraging Reviews

One marketing strategy that is often overlooking by addiction clinics is word-of-mouth marketing. This is often something that the center will have little control over, and this may be a less controlled strategy than social media marketing, for example, but it can be very powerful. The reason is that addicts are much more likely to trust the experiences and recommendations of fellow addicts, or medical professionals, over and above any commercial campaigns that might be part of the strategy. Word-of-mouth can be an extremely powerful tool if harnessed correctly, and this means that part of the strategy should include Yelp and other customer reviews, testimonials posted to social media by patients, and any press reviews of the center. Both good and bad should be posted – as Amazon has noted even a bad review is better than no review at all.

marketing ideas for rehabilitation centers

Marketing To Lone Addicts

Many clinics can benefit from a marketing strategy that focuses upon off-the-street admissions for addicts. In fact, it is possible to get more clients in that manner than by relying upon referrals. For example, some centers focus upon hospital staff who take in patients for withdrawal treatment as a major marketing strategy. Making links with these people, including intake specialists and discharge nurses as well as doctors, can encourage referrals to the addiction center. However, not all patients will come from the hospital or mandated treatment – many will be searching for addiction help from their own homes and may want to be admitted to a clinic hours after an intervention or a confession of addiction. These patients will not have access to medical referrals and will be looking for other things on the website, including reviews from previous patients and information about treatment regimes.

Get Help with Marketing Strategies Today

Clinics need to regularly update their marketing strategies in order to keep up with changes to the client base and advertising. When you are looking for new marketing ideas for rehabilitation centers, it is important that you get the advice of professionals. When you speak to Reputation Rehab, we can offer you advice about how to take your marketing strategy into the new year, so reach out to us today either online or by calling us at (855) 519-0120 now.

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