Will a Healthcare Marketing Agency Help a Startup Company?

healthcare marketing agency

A good healthcare marketing agency will help a startup company, even if that company has very limited funds. By any measure of logic, it is in a marketing agency’s interest to help out a new company with the hopes a new company will grow into a larger one and send more work.

Much of the time, a marketing company has to manage expectations quite intensely with a new company. Quite often, a newer entrepreneur will have very unrealistic views of how marketing works.

In reality, marketing takes time, patience, and a lot of work. Quite often, smaller and newer companies do not secure the efforts of a marketing agency because the small/startup company cannot afford all the work and effort required to get a result.

Why Would a Marketing Company Say No?

Marketing companies get a lot of inquiries for their services, and many of them are from part-timer sellers who have perhaps set up a cheap or free online store, or perhaps have an Amazon or eBay store, and are looking for very cheap marketing.

Some marketing companies may be happy to take on these jobs, but most companies cannot afford to “Nickel and Dime” it with these companies. If you have a legitimate startup company, you may be mistaken for one of these smaller part-timers and ignored or dismissed.

They May Say No Because of the Expensive Nature of Marketing

A marketing company may also say no to you because they are expensive. People often have an old-fashioned view of marketing. They think of the sort of marketing we saw on 1984s Muppets take Manhattan or the job that Darrin Stephens had on bewitched. Whereas in reality, it is all about numbers, metrics, data, positioning, targeting, and a whole bunch of other buzzwords that boil down to Internet math.

It is a lot of work, and a successful campaign takes a lot of effort and time. Some marketing companies may not be willing to put in the effort if they figure they will soon be fired because the startup company cannot afford to power through and make the most of their campaigns.

In short, when a marketing company is good at what it does, it doesn’t like sharing its talents with everybody who calls. Like the giant keeping the golden goose to himself, the marketing company may only deal with larger and/or more powerful companies.

Which Healthcare Marketing Agency Will Help Out My Small Startup Company?

Look for a reputable company with plenty of experience. It may be difficult finding a marketing company that will work within your budget, but the last thing you want is a company that takes your money and does very little value.

Marketing is an industry where lots of effort can mask the smell of failure. When a marketing company gets you lots of attention, social media follows, website visitors, submissions, etc., you may mistake that effort for success. Whereas it is your conversion numbers that really matter.

Is your marketing company actually getting you the conversions you need to keep your business running? If not, then try a professional and long-established company like Reputation Rehab.

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