Is Your Addiction Treatment Marketing Sending Out The Wrong Message?

addiction treatment marketing

How does addiction treatment marketing send out the wrong message? There are literally thousands of examples of this, but a common one is to pander to the people who may use the service. Another is to propose the service is glamorous as if it were the sort of facility a celebrity would use. Another common “Wrong” message to send out is that you are going to fix a character flaw, or to communicate in a way that suggests you are judging the user. Pandering to the relatives of an addict is also a very incorrect message to send out.

What is the Right Addiction Treatment Marketing Message?

Bring your tires to us, and we will repair the puncture and inflate them. Come to our hair salon, and we will cut and style your hair. In short, you need to make it clear that you are selling a service. You are not selling an experience or a personality change. You are not selling a promise or some sort of improvement. There is a delicate balance but think of it this way. If you were selling psychiatric services for personality disorders, you wouldn’t host adverts saying things like “From nutty to nice in 20 days.”

Where it is true that some of your selling points may include a nicer experience, fine grounds, intensive sessions, etc., that shouldn’t be your primary message. That would be like a tractor trying to sell itself on its comfortable leather interior rather than its pulling power.

Think of how an X-ray service may sell itself. Come and see if your bones are broken. Not, come to us and fix your reckless life. There is a fair amount of therapy involved with addiction treatment, and much of it involves change, but selling yourself on the promise of that change may lead you down the wrong path. Expert marketers may be able to pull it off, but in most cases, it looks like you are pandering to an ideal, like telling 13-year-old girls they only look good if they wear size zero clothing.

You Were Not The One Sending Out The Message

An addiction or health center sending out the wrong message with its marketing or branding is very common, and almost every time, this is because the health or addiction company hired the wrong marketing company. In most cases, the wrong sort of message was sent out because a marketing company was hired that didn’t understand the services, didn’t understand the industry or didn’t understand the target audience. In most cases, the marketing company runs its campaign off of cheap motivational psychology, stereotypes, or from online metrics they simply cannot understand in context.

In short, it is very important that you hire the right marketing company for your business. It is vitally important that you hire a company that understands the addiction and healthcare industry. You need a company like Reputation Rehab. With years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and some of the finest industry experts, you can make sure your branding and marketing are direct and on point.

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