Young Adults Struggle with Lockdowns – How Reputation Rehab Can Help

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The relationship between heavy alcohol consumption and COVID-19, more specifically the life stresses brought on by the pandemic, amongst young adults is often overlooked in the media. According to research, the odds of heavy alcohol consumption among binge drinkers rise by 19% for every week of lockdown. Therefore, rehab and mental health facilities should look into ways to address this important issue. At Reputation Rehab, we can help with content development that best captures the importance and effectiveness of rehab treatment.   


The Right Kind of Content 

“Increased time spent at home is a life stressor that impacts drinking and the Covid-19 pandemic may have exacerbated this stress,” says Sitara Weerakoon, a Ph.D. candidate from the University of Texas. It is no surprise that binge drinking amongst young adults is a problem that not only needs effective prevention strategies but also requires the right delivery. At Reputation Rehab, we can help you craft content that does the right thing. 


We know when someone searches online for content about binge drinking or drinking detox facilities, they want to know more. They want help or advice. Maybe they want to be reassured. Perhaps they’re looking to be inspired. Someone who reads something that connects to them from a facility is far more likely to then reach out to that facility. Our content development experts can transform your rehab facilities into valuable resources. Experienced in SEO strategies, keyword research, blog management, mental health marketing, and more, we at Reputation Rehab can work with you to help more young adults than ever before! 


You Can Get Involved!  

Not only do we love talking and providing quality services for our clients, but we also work with you along the content development process! Many of our clients are active participants in the content development process. They pitch ideas, pictures, have specific events and topics they want to be covered, always maintaining the final say. By that same token, we have plenty of clients who just want us to post great content on their behalf. Our content development will connect you to more potential patients so that you can help more people.


No one knows the right treatment for binge drinking as well as rehab and detox facilities can.  Therefore, we can work together to create not only accurately researched content but also that which is uplifting, inspiring, and informative to those who need the most help. We cannot stress enough how important it is to design content in a way that is engaging and context-appropriate for young adults to actively interact with. Therefore, we have the right tools and knowledge for the most educational and exciting content! 

content development

Learn More About Our Services 

At Reputation Rehab, we don’t stop at content development. We go beyond basic digital marketing strategies and into the intricacies of SEO techniques, rehabilitation, consulting, and other services. No one has done successfully as we have, as our track record speaks for itself. Now, we can do the same for you. For more information, please dial (855) 519-0120 or visit





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