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Effective Online Reputation Management Tools to Use

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Let’s face it, you probably care about your reputation. Particularly your business reputation, for you depend on it to make a living. So many things can damage your business image, and therefore your online reputation management is something you should be on top of. This is very important when it comes to your online presence. The internet is how people find out about you. And what do you want to come up first when someone Googles your name: your little bakery you’ve dedicated the last ten years, or that video of you in college with beer bottles taped to your hands?

Online Reputation Tips for Brands

Online reputation management is not easy. Nothing really disappears off the face of the internet. But most things can be controlled, and that’s what you should aim at. There are many ways to try to do that, but they do require a lot of time and effort in order for them to be truly effective. Here are a few of the most common online reputation management tools.

Search Engine Optimization

Let’s say that when someone googles your name you want the first person to come up to you and not that person who electrocuted all those horses (even if that was you). The easiest way to do so? Bury what you don’t want to be found in positive content optimized for search engines. You can apply SEO to testimonials, blog posts, articles, and personal websites. This way, the first thing people see is more likely to be positive.

Press Releases

Submitting press releases to reputable, authoritative sites is a great way for good content about you to rank high on search engines. These sites, given their high traffic and status, tend to rank higher in online searches and can  provide positive exposure to you and your business. Published news will become reliable sources of good information about you and detract from less desirable content.

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Third Party Mentions

Pursuing mentions from high-profile third-party websites is an effective way to gain exposure. Reaching out to popular blogs, public relations firms, forums, and newsletters can result in a top-ranking appearance in search results. Not to mention these can attract new traffic to your own website and therefore increase your visibility.

Things to Watch Out For

When implementing online reputation management you have to be careful not to indulge in practices that could result in lawsuits or sanctions. Sites like Amazon have sued hundreds of users who were paid to leave fake product reviews. Other sites such as Facebook or Yelp could ban or reprimand your business for fake review posting.

Reputation Rehab

At Reputation Rehab we are aware that companies often face attacks on their reputation and therefore require online reputation management strategies. The different ways to address these issues are just too mundane for you to take care off in the midst of running a business. That’s why reputation management tools are our specialty. We can ensure your clients’ image remains positive while we work on their online marketing.

Reputation Management For Celebrities

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Reputation management for celebrities

Celebrities can be the target of a great deal of negative comments and reporting that can impact their reputation. The reputation affected here is not the public’s opinion of them as people, although that can also be affected, but the reputation of the celebrity as a business. Most celebrities rely upon their fame, and their status in the community, not only to generate income as a private company, but also to endorse charities, for example. This means that any form of damage to the celebrity’s reputation can result in severe damage to their income or to the earnings of charities that they are known to support. In the age of social media and opinion-based media, it is all too easy for a celebrity to find that their reputation is being harmed by negative content. Managing their reputation is essential to ensuring that they are able to earn money and have some social standing in their communities.

Make the first move

Most reputation management companies will advise celebrities to make the first move in handling their reputations. This means that they have to control and organize their own reputation before any negative press appears. Acting pre-emptively in this way ensures that the celebrity is able to take control of their reputation, and manage it so that it is presented in the best way possible. If a celebrity has a good reputation, and a high standing in public opinion, it is much harder for one negative comment to impact that reputation.

Protecting trademarks and keywords

Another way of handling the threat of negative content to celebrities is for them to protect trademarks and keywords that they will use to attract attention to themselves. Building positive keywords and using these in blogs, social media posts and celebrity websites will enhance the reputation, and will make it harder for negative content to rise high enough in search engine rankings to impact the celebrity.  One of the most important factors in that is ensuring that the celebrity buys all domain names that might be used for negative purposes, removing control from rivals or fans of those rivals.

Using the press

Being able to influence the press can have a significant impact on the celebrity’s brand reputation. For example, charitable works, a high standard of professionalism, and success with awards or industry competitions is likely to enhance the celebrity’s reputation, making it harder for negative comments to have an impact on the public’s opinion of the celebrity.