3 Drug Rehab Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Drug Rehab Marketing

Drug rehab marketing can work well to your advantage if you do it right. But if you make certain mistakes, it can prove to be costly, and you don’t want that. Especially if you’re new in the game, you will naturally commit these errors. But if you have a guide that could prevent that from happening, might as well make use of it, right? 

Fortunately for you, dear reader, you have this short article to refer to. We’ve listed down some of the most common mistakes that marketers in the drug rehab industry usually commit. Hopefully, this could help you avoid them, as well. 

Poor Website Structure

Many treatment centers probably still operate in that old-school mentality of not giving importance to their online presence. They forget that the website is their digital calling card and that having it poorly structured hurts their reputation badly. You can immediately see a poorly-structured site: it’s difficult to navigate, buttons and tabs aren’t easy to spot, low-quality images are used, and there is no call-to-action. Some sites do have blogs, but they are outdated by months, some, and even by years. 

Give importance to your website’s aesthetic value. It may seem trivial, but it does leave a lasting impression, for better or worse. 

Lack of Customer Testimonials

Any vehicle buyer would want to take their prospective car on a test drive first. Having that first-hand experience gives them a better idea of what to expect, and therefore, helps them make a more informed decision. 

Customer testimonials are a way for your readers to have that test-drive experience. And by depriving them of that information, you’re costing yourself a potential sale. In this case, you don’t have to post every testimonial. However, it does pay to be transparent and show both sides, whether they’re good reviews or some that are reasonably unsatisfactory. 

Failure to Understand and Take Advantage of Google Analytics

Of all digital marketing tools, Google Analytics is one of the important must-haves. Not only does it help track your site’s performance, but it also fills you in on how the competition executes its strategies. From there, you can pick out the best practices to emulate, as well as the bad ones to scrap. By not knowing how to utilize Google Analytics, you’re also losing a ton of potentially vital information. So do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with this very powerful tool. You’ll thank yourself later. 

A Drug Rehab Marketing Agency to Guide You Through the Process

We at Reputation Rehab are here to help you with your marketing strategies. Under our guidance, you’ll be able to execute the proper strategies while avoiding potentially costly mistakes. 

If you need more information, you can call us at (855) 519-0120. You can also visit our website for details.

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