Advice on SEO For Mental Health Professionals

seo for mental health professionals

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not the same everywhere. Those days are gone. There were days went everybody needed to add keywords, backlinks, images, and have perfect spelling, but that is not the case anymore. These days, search engine results are very personalized. Google uses big data and website monitoring to figure out what people like, which means two people could enter the same search engine query on their computer and each receive very different results. Here is some modern advice on SEO for mental health professionals.

Focus on Meaningful and Useful Web Pages

It is time to rebuild and re-frame your web pages so that only meaningful and useful content remains. Any additional content needs to be removed. It is time you went through your whole website, page by page, and ask yourself what purpose that web page serves. Does it help investors see your lighter side? Does it help potential clients and customers understand your services? Also, if you can get a few shout-outs from online influencers, then that will help rank your website up through the search engines too.

Remove All Unnecessary SEO Efforts from your Web Pages

Old-fashioned SEO efforts may include articles full of keywords where the content itself doesn’t serve any real use. It may include links that have keywords and location names jammed into them. It may even involve unnecessary images that you put in simply so you could have ALT text with keywords inside. These are the things you need to remove from your website because they do not add to the user experience in a positive way.

Work to Speed up Your Website

Google still thinks that website speeds are a big deal. They want your website to render quickly and load just as quickly. If your website is being slowed down by a poor quality host, an overly complex website design, or by plugins, then you need to change things up so that your website goes faster.

Time to Prune Your Plugins

Plugins for content management systems like WordPress and Magento are awesome. They allow users to do whatever they want with their websites. However, many of them slow down websites, and many offer a host of back door security exploits. Your pop-up plugins, your analytic plugins, and even your branding plugins may need to go to clean up, secure up, and speed up your website.

Get Help From Marketing Companies

It sounds a little unfair, but perhaps the best advice on SEO for mental health professionals is to seek the help of dedicated marketers and SEO professionals. Think of modern SEO like people trying to fill a pond that has sprung a leak. Working alone you can probably keep the water topped up a little, but it is hard work. However, when you try to expand your pond, keeping the water topped up is difficult, so you need some help. As your website grows in popularity, it takes more work and more effort to keep it ranking high on the search engine results. If you are looking to improve your standing online, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab a start making some plans for the future of your website.

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