Modern Mistakes People Make With Their PPC Therapy Campaign

PPC therapy

A Pay Per Click campaign is pretty easy to set up in most cases, especially if you are only using text-based adverts. However, there are plenty of ways to mess it up, plenty of ways to waste money, and plenty of mistakes that can be made. This is especially true if you are running a specialized campaign, such as a PPC therapy campaign. So, here are a few mistakes you should avoid.

  1.     Do Not Set a Worldwide Location

You get to choose who sees your adverts, and the default setting is usually a worldwide setting. Do not let it stay set worldwide. Choose your own country or your local area. The worldwide setting includes countries where international online laws are not enforced, and your clicks will be wasted in those countries.

  1.     Do Not Allow VPN Clicks

Modern settings allow you to choose if your adverts run for VPN customers. Very few companies pick to run adverts for VPN customers and neither should you. They make it too easy for click mills to keep clicking your adverts for the bid payments.

  1.     Forget Conversion Tracking

It is a tangled web of convolution that is a complete waste of time unless you are able to control many of the circumstances, most of which you are not, and ergo the information is useless to you. Unless you are willing to devote hours and hours per week into improving your conversions, trial and error testing as you go, then forget conversion tracking because the insights you get will be useless.

  1.     Test Ad Extensions Every Time

You are going to be encouraged to add extensions to your adverts, but they are often not in your best interest. They are often in the interest of the company running your adverts. If you are going to add extensions, then test them for every advert and every circumstance, and remove them if they do not improve conversions.

  1.     Trusting in Your Click Numbers

You shouldn’t add things like extensions because they improve your clicks but not your conversions, and that is something you need to strongly consider. When you are looking at your results and your numbers, you may mistake an increase in clicks as some sort of success, but it is not. The only number by which you should judge your success is your conversions. If your lower cost conversions are your primary aim. Your secondary aim is to increase your conversions. Do things in that order and you will avoid most varieties of mistakes.

Find Better Advisors For Your PPC Campaign

What you need is the sort of advice and help that comes from years of experience. Most qualifications in the online-tech business will expire in five years. Sure, the qualifications have valuable information, but they need updating every five years because things move so fast in the online world. When teams work for companies within a modern online setting, they stay up to date on what works and what doesn’t. That is what you need to consider when you are running your PPC therapy campaign. You need help from seasoned professionals like the team at Reputation Rehab. Get the right type of advice and guidance so you can avoid the most common PPC campaign mistakes.

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