Are You Hitting All Your Recovery Marketing Demographics?

Recovery Marketing

You should be running experiments and pushing your marketing testing into new areas in order to soak up all your target demographics. If you are working on your recovery marketing campaign, here are a few thoughts on how to hit the more obscure target demographics through market testing.

Cover Your Primary Targets

Your targets are addicts. However, we all know that recovery marketing isn’t just about addicts. You also need to get the message out to the loved ones, the spouses, and the friends of addicts because they are often the ones pushing them into getting help. 

You also need to push your message out to bosses, work colleagues, and associates too, because they are also the sort of people who will push addicts into getting treatment. Then, there are the medical experts and people in the medical community. These are also people you want to appeal to and impress because you want them to talk about you in journals, medical publications, and conferences. You want medical experts to recommend your services.

Consider Who Talks To Your Target Demographic

Here we are looking at friends, family, and colleagues. The only target we are not looking at is kids because they shouldn’t be burdened with the idea of helping an adult get away from addiction.

Yet, if we consider friends, family and colleagues, are we not talking about anybody? Does this mean we need to blanket market all recovery services to the general public with the hopes they talk to an addict?

This would be too expensive, so opt to target people who search for the signs of an addict. These are the people who may not be addicts themselves, but perhaps know addicts and are curious about their condition. By tracking their searches, you can have your paid advertising follow them around with reminders that you offer recovery services.

Recovery Marketing

You Are Not Aiming for a Sale

When you market to people who may talk to your addict, you are not aiming for a direct sale. You are aiming for a referral. When you target friends and colleagues (perhaps not parents), you are offering a solution to a problem. Friends and colleagues have a more practical approach than perhaps family members do.

As a result, when targeting friends and colleagues, state more about your effectiveness, the process, and about how it helps the addicts shed their addiction. Do not go too deep into the mechanics, the support, or the aftercare. Make the process sound easy because friends and colleagues are only looking for easy answers.

If you hit the subject in a hard and harsh way, perhaps talking about tough love and the “long road to recovery,” then friends and colleagues will not recommend it to addicted people. They are not going to jeopardize their relationship by offering the addict something different. Again, this is different for family members, who may be more willing to put their beloved family members through a rough time so long as it gets solid results.

This article simply hints at a few ideas that you can consider when creating your recovery marketing campaign. If you would like further help and a more professional plan drawn up, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab today.

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