Cheap SEO Services Do More Damage Than Good

SEO for drug rehab

You probably need SEO for drug rehab services because getting your website ranked up the search engines is very difficult, and the entire industry is very competitive and very well funded, which means no matter what you do, there are teams of other people working against you. In order to compete in even a very minor way, you need a team of professional SEO experts. Be warned however that cheap SEO services are actually worse than having no SEO services at all.

SEO for drug rehab

When Backlinks Go Bad

You have probably heard of backlinks. They help you rank up the search engines, and they draw a trickle of direct traffic from other websites. The problem is that poor quality backlinks tell the search engines that you are trying to manipulate the system and they cause your website to drop through the search engines. Plus, they draw a massive amount of attention from spammers, who will then spam your website, contact forms, and comment sections without mercy.

When Social Media Shares Go Bad

Getting a few ill-placed or poorly created social media shares is bad enough for most websites, but these sorts of problems often pass within six months. However, a few ill-placed or poorly constructed social media posts for a drug rehab center, and that sort of publicity may never wash clean. Again, this is one of those occasions where SEO for drug rehab and/or social media help does more damage than good.

When Traffic is Purchased

Some SEO scammers will claim they are helping you rank up the search engines, and then they will pay a cheap Chinese click farm to visit your website so that your Analytics show a massive improvement. Sadly, you often think this is a great thing and you pay the SEO company. However, paid traffic comes with a host of problems. It causes affiliate programs to stop running their higher-paid adverts on your website, it causes search engines to deprioritize your ranking and crawl because they assume you are manipulating your traffic. It also causes problems with spambots, and with things like scam advisor websites.

When Websites Are Poorly Optimized

There used to be a long list of SEO rules that applied to on-page SEO, and black hatters diligently went about exploiting the rules to push websites up the search engine results. That has all changed now, but cheap SEO services seem to think that all the black hat stuff still works. You see web pages stuffed with text that it doesn’t need, and headlines stuffed with keywords and metadata that is so poorly structured it could double over like a broken jigsaw puzzle. The natural flow of the website grinds to a halt because the text is “Optimized” for search engines rather than being made for humans. Letting a poor-quality SEO company get its hands on your website SEO can cause a lot of damage.

If you want good, honest, efficient, and professional SEO for drug rehab, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab to discuss your options.

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