How Targeted Display can Cure Loneliness and Addiction in Young Adults

targeted display

Loneliness is a prominent feeling that stems from multiple reasons, which include the process of grief, divorce, separation, etc. According to numerous studies, loneliness fuels addiction, especially for the younger generations. Generation Zers (adults ages 18-22) surveyed are significantly more likely than any other generation to say they experience the feelings described in the statements associated with loneliness (e.g., feeling alone, isolated, left out, that there is no one they can talk to, etc.). As a result, this correlates with a sharp increase in opioid overdoses by teens and young adults. This must be intervened today. Let’s start with targeted display strategies!   


Targeting the Young 

The young population, more specifically the Gen Z group, is most susceptible to loneliness, which is a risk factor for addiction. You might think that because the internet and social media are more accessible now, people will find the right information easier. The opposite can also happen. Information overload can mislead people to the wrong resources and so it can be more difficult to reach out to a facility. Therefore, it is important for mental health facilities and rehabilitation to make sure that their resources are distributed to the right places in an appropriate amount. Let us show you how to do it! 


What Targeted Display Can Do 

The targeted display process is done through numerous strategies. For example, search retargeting refers to a tactic in which you can create a custom audience of users based on their keyword search behavior and use that audience in your digital advertising campaigns to serve display ads to users as they browse outside of search results. Addiction professionals can effectively utilize it to ensure that their resources appear on top for patients who need them the most. And that’s all you need to know. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities of it! Reputation Rehab will take care of it from start to finish. 

Other strategies that Reputation Rehab can do are site retargeting and simplified advanced digital. We make sure that targeted display is through as directly as possible so that the newest and most updated information is available fastly for the young patients. Young adults are known to be tech-savvy so trust us to find them the best way to reach out to your mental health facilities and rehabilitation. 

At this point, you may wonder: What’s the relationship between targeted display and loneliness? When the right content, right information, and right resources are planned to reach the right group of patients, desired results are promised. Young adults will likely have more access to help and they will feel more heard and represented. As a result, loneliness is likely to decrease. 


Talk to Us 

If you like what you’ve read so far, please reach out to Reputation Rehab for more. We have an abundance of digital marketing strategies for you, your mental health facilities, and your young patients to help each other during these unprecedented times. Please contact us by dialing (855) 519-0120 or visiting and our marketing experts will be happy to assist you.

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