Using Targeted Displays to Help Meet Young Adults’ Mental Health Needs

Reputation Rehab 05/04/21
targeting displays

Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not served folks with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental illnesses using the best resources. It is concerning that only approximately 42% of adults who experience a mental health issue get treatment and just about half of the children under age 17 receive services. And this issue only gets worse…

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How Targeted Display can Cure Loneliness and Addiction in Young Adults

Reputation Rehab 03/22/21
targeted display

Loneliness is a prominent feeling that stems from multiple reasons, which include the process of grief, divorce, separation, etc. According to numerous studies, loneliness fuels addiction, especially for the younger generations. Generation Zers (adults ages 18-22) surveyed are significantly more likely than any other generation to say they experience the feelings described in the statements…

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