How the Patients Journey Affects Rehab Marketing

Rehab Marketing

You’ve definitely heard of the buyer’s journey if you’ve looked into any marketing resources. But mental health facilities and services don’t really have customers, now do they? So how exactly does the patient’s journey affect rehab marketing? Here’s what you should keep in mind.

The Basics

The standard “buyer’s journey” consists of three stages and describes a customer’s path to purchase. But rehabilitation services don’t have customers or buyers. Instead, your business has patients seeking programs to help them achieve stability and sobriety. But these individuals follow a similar route when looking for mental health services in their area. 

The Awareness Stage

During the Awareness Stage, the patient or loved one starts noticing a problem. They might be more aware of their symptoms, pains, and things they need to adjust. The patient will begin to look for educational resources to better understand and contextualize their problem.

For example, a patient might research “alcoholism” or “substance abuse disorder.” The important part is to provide patients in your area with educational content that they can depend on to build trust in your services. 

The Consideration Stage

Once the patient has understood and contextualized their problem, they will begin researching and digesting all available solutions. They might start to look into different mental health programs, services, and treatments to resolve their issues.

For example, a patient might start researching topics around detox, rehabilitation, or inpatient facilities. They might look around their area for local facilities and services that can resolve their difficulties. It’s important to provide helpful information on your website so patients can become familiar with your program and services.

The Decision Stage

Now, the patient has finished researching and is set on their solution, method, or approach. The patient’s goal is to compile a list of facilities, programs, and treatments that they’re interested in. They might compare prices, amenities, the length of the program, and other factors that impact their final decision.

It’s essential that your services and programs come up along the way of a patient’s journey. If a patient is more familiar with your services, they’ll develop more trust, and they might be more likely to seek out your services for treatment. 

The best way to guide a patient through their journey is with educational content, relevant keywords, and an easy-to-navigate website. Relevant keywords help a patient find your services when they’re researching. 

Educational content provides them with answers to their questions and builds trust. Finally, an easy-to-navigate website provides them with a straightforward way to locate the length of your programs, prices, and other considerations. 

Get Professional Rehab Marketing Services Today!

We get it; you’re a mental health professional trying to do everything in your power to help others obtain sobriety and peace. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that you’ll need to place your business in front of the people who need it most. To do this, you’ll need an effective rehab marketing strategy.

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