How to Create Effective Rehab Treatment Marketing Advertisements

Reputation Rehab 08/15/22
Rehab Treatment Marketing

You know how important it is to reach the right people as a healthcare professional. Rehab treatment marketing is fundamental to reaching those in need. But how can you create advertisements that don’t exploit someone’s struggle? Reputation Rehab is here to guide you through the process. Start With Intention The first step to creating effective…

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How the Patients Journey Affects Rehab Marketing

Reputation Rehab 08/08/22
Rehab Marketing

You’ve definitely heard of the buyer’s journey if you’ve looked into any marketing resources. But mental health facilities and services don’t really have customers, now do they? So how exactly does the patient’s journey affect rehab marketing? Here’s what you should keep in mind. The Basics The standard “buyer’s journey” consists of three stages and…

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Drug Rehab Marketing Using a Diverse Approach

Reputation Rehab 04/11/22
Drug Rehab Marketing

Successful drug rehab marketing demands a diverse approach. If your program and services can be seen as more than just another “drug treatment commercial,” you have accomplished your goal. Addiction treatment center employees will tell you that marketing a recovery program is a challenging task to do. No matter how good your treatment program is,…

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A Few Ways to Optimize Your Rehab Marketing

Reputation Rehab 02/08/22
rehab marketing

How you fix up and improve your rehab marketing is going to depend largely on the type of marketing campaign you are running, and the brand principles you uphold. For example, an email marketing splurge with several deep discounts for previous customers may improve your good name and your online reputation quite a bit. On…

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Is Your Addiction Treatment Marketing Sending Out The Wrong Message?

Reputation Rehab 10/11/21
addiction treatment marketing

How does addiction treatment marketing send out the wrong message? There are literally thousands of examples of this, but a common one is to pander to the people who may use the service. Another is to propose the service is glamorous as if it were the sort of facility a celebrity would use. Another common…

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What Is Your Clinic’s Addiction Center Marketing Policy?

Reputation Rehab 06/17/21
addiction center marketing policy

Your clinic is working hard to provide services to drug addicts in your area, and you are thinking about increasing the number of patients who can use your facilities. While you might think that you should be able to bring in more than enough clients to keep your enlarged business running, you should still take…

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Find A Drug Rehab Marketing Agency For Your Clinic

Reputation Rehab 06/10/21
drug rehab marketing agency

As the owner of a drug rehabilitation clinic, you need to reach out to potential clients and encourage them to make use of the services. Promoting yourself online is not always easy if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience in marketing, and you may find that you struggle to make your advertising campaigns…

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Digital Marketing Tactics for Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

Reputation Rehab 05/27/21
rehab marketing

In general, digital marketing is an umbrella term used to describe an organization’s online marketing efforts. More specifically, it is the advertising activities and promotion efforts of products or services that are delivered through online or digital channels like email, social media, apps, etc. The same goes for that in rehab marketing. Several things need…

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What are Reputation Rehab’s Plans for 2021?

Reputation Rehab 02/01/21
mental health marketing

The new year brings new opportunities for growth and development! Heading into 2021 with enthusiasm, Reputation Rehab believes that together we can utilize new mental health marketing strategies to encourage the discussion of mental health and addiction amongst the youth population. So, how will we achieve this? Step one: expanding our networks.    Expanding the…

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Social Media Marketing Strategies For Your Rehab Center

Reputation Rehab 12/24/20
social media

The behavioral health industry and job outlook looks good–strikingly good. It’s predicted that the employment of mental health and substance abuse counselors will grow 25% within the next decade, and that the industry will reach $240 billion by 2026. What these numbers indicate is 1) the stigma around mental health is beginning to dissipate and…

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