How To Make Addiction Treatment Marketing Less Expensive

Addiction Treatment Marketing

Modern addiction marketing is expensive because there are a lot of competitors. Sadly, it is not just another professional clinic you need to compete with. You are also competing with every self-help guru, book, seminar, and wonderful new substance out there. The problem is that people cannot recognize legitimate services when they are online because people online can make any claim. The difficulty in promoting Addiction Treatment Marketing is part of the reason why the whole process is somewhat expensive. Here are a few thoughts on the ways you could make it less expensive.

Run Smaller Affiliate Advertising Campaigns

You should really reduce your budget per advert. Aim for a lower budget per day because the money stretches a little further. When you have a higher daily budget, the system is more likely to opt for higher click prices. Plus, one small network may click your adverts simply to draw the affiliate money. In addition, you really need to work on how much you are spending per advert. You need to run a trial and error test of your affiliate advertising to see which are bringing in customers and which are bringing in expensive traffic. Being able to do this on a micro scale, due to your smaller budget, is a lot easier.

Set up Referral Programs

It may sound like something an ex-addict wouldn’t want to do, but some people who are grateful may feel the need to help other people. You need to give them a safe and easy way to do this that doesn’t cause embarrassment to the sender or receiver. Try not to monetize or reward referrals because it is a little unseemly in this case.

Use Web Chat Functions

People who are addicts may feel more at ease talking to a live chat function. The effects of substance abuse are wide-ranging, but many create various forms of social anxiety, and the potential patient may also be concerned with feelings of embarrassment or shame. When you hire people to work the live chat function, and you tie it in with a clever AI auto responder for quick responses to the initial contact, then you have an easier way to smooth people’s first contact with you, and it is cheaper than having people work the phones. In fact, you can often have the same people staffing the phones as working the live chat functions on your website.

Getting Better Value For Money

A lower price is fine, but in truth, you probably want better value for money. If that is the case, then try a company like Reputation Rehab. When they conduct your Addiction Treatment Marketing, they use efficient means. They use time-tested methods for getting the information out there. They use channels and platforms that they have already set up. When you use a marketing company like Reputation Rehab, you are plugging yourself into an already active network. It is far easier for them to get the word out, which is why it costs them less. In the long run, your time with Reputation Rehab will turn out far less expensive than if you went it alone and tried running your own campaign independently.

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