Is The Addiction Treatment Market Booming?

addiction treatment market

There is an odd dynamic in the recovery business. It is born from the forces that move the market. There is never a short supply of addicts, but how addiction treatment is paid for is what causes such flux in the market.

Expensive tax-paid social payments mean that people can take recovery programs for free or for very big discounts, and charities do a similar thing with money donated from good people. As more recovery services open up, the cost of recovery goes down, but health insurance and job-based insurance help drive prices back up. The addiction treatment market is a convoluted mess, but hopefully, this article will help you understand a little more about it.

Where is Recovery Treatment Booming The Most?

One of the most popular at the moment is recovery from weed or marijuana and/or synthetic cannabinoids, as it turns out to be far more addictive than any government officials realized. Vaping addiction recovery also saw a spike, but the popularity of its recovery seems to be dropping in time with the popularity of vaping itself.

Alcohol is always a strong staple of the recovery business, mainly due to it being culturally acceptable to drink large amounts, and due to its cheap and very plentiful supply.

Next on the list of popularity is prescription and over-the-counter medication, which may be a shock to some people, but is actually one of the biggest problems that countries like the USA are facing at the moment.

The recovery treatments that are still ticking over, but not booming, are those for hard drugs. Where they are a massive problem in some countries, the truth is that people addicted to hard drugs are still a minority when compared with the massive numbers of people who are addicted to cannabis, alcohol, or nicotine.

Which Recovery Areas Are Booming?

Detoxification is blowing all other treatments out of the water, and the reason for this is rather sad. Detoxification is being sold as a quick cure for just about every human ailment, and since there are very few barriers to entry for health services, there are detoxification clinics popping up like weeds around the world. The other sad fact is that it is all pretty unregulated. Unless somebody is claiming to be able to detox somebody off of hard drugs when they do not have the qualifications, knowledge, or experience required to keep such people alive, then it is pretty easy to set up a detox clinic and promise people the earth based on whatever faux science you can find.

Counseling and behavioral therapies are the second most popular service, followed by full rehabilitation services and then self-help groups. However, there is a little bit of a bias against the numbers collected for self-help groups. There are probably far more self-help groups out there than any survey can pick up, but the groups do not register in places that make them easy for survey counters to find.

The fact is that the addiction treatment market is booming, and if you are looking to get into the health and recovery industry, then get in touch with Reputation Rehab and start building a workable marketing and promotional plan.

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