Silly Drug Rehab SEO Mistakes

drug rehab SEO

This article offers advice on a few of the most common drug rehab SEO mistakes. If you are running any sort of drug rehab or health center service, then here are a few things you shouldn’t be doing with your website and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign.

  • Frequent Posts on Social Media Won’t Get You Anywhere

There are some companies where frequent social media posts will do very well. Gaming and modeling are some of the best areas where posting every day will get you lots of attention. But, that is because most of the work is already done. The beautiful person is why people are clicking “Like” and the games people play are already made and watchable, so all people have to do is play them or talk about them. When it comes to anything in the medical or healing industry, social media posts take a lot of time. You need to go for quality over quantity in this case.

  • Adding Links With Your Location Won’t Help

That method went out with the crestless cucumber sandwich craze. People used to add location names to their links because they thought it helped their location-based SEO, but it doesn’t help at all. Even the web crawlers ignore them in the post-2020 world.

  • Adding Images for ALT Text

You are probably being told by SEO “Experts” and plugins like “Yoast” that you need images in your posts so that you can add ALT text. This is so untrue that it is almost offensive. If your post or page doesn’t demand images, then do not add them. If you are adding images for decorative purposes, then they shouldn’t have ALT text anyway.

  • Putting Your Keyword In Your Page Title

Google uses big data and information it pulls from its search engines, from your cookies, and from people using Google Chrome to figure out what your website is about and figure out which people should see it. Putting a keyword in your title has no effect on the Google search bots, nor any other search engine or web crawler. The world has moved on from these types of tactics.

  • Concentrating on Keywords

There is really no need to concentrate on keywords anymore. The reason some experts claim you should still do it is that it helps you cover some topics more thoroughly. For example, if you are running a content campaign using the same two keywords over and over, it may help you see that a little diversification is needed in some areas.

You Can Pay a Company to Help You

Not to be crass or overly commercial, but capitalism is pretty great if you are willing to pay your way to the top. The fact is that you can pay for a little help with your drug rehab SEO, and as you start becoming more successful and start seeing more conversions/customers, you will be able to afford to improve your campaign, invest a little more, and build some more success. Get in touch with the team at Reputation Rehab start small with a modest investment in your SEO and start taking control of how search engine friendly your website, app, or social media profiles can become.

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