Using Targeted Displays to Help Meet Young Adults’ Mental Health Needs

targeting displays

Unfortunately, the healthcare system has not served folks with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental illnesses using the best resources. It is concerning that only approximately 42% of adults who experience a mental health issue get treatment and just about half of the children under age 17 receive services. And this issue only gets worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting all age groups, especially young adults. Therefore, therapists, psychologists, mental health practices, rehabilitations, and more in the field of mental health need to intervene through targeting displays or resources as soon as possible. Let our experts at Reputation Rehab help! 


How Do Targeted Display Advertisements Work? 

Targeted display ads help with reaching specific locations, demographics, and groups of patients with certain behaviors or requests. This narrows down the focus and searches for help, which makes it easier for both patients and mental health workers to connect with each other. Simply put, it is similar to when a person, who is struggling with addiction, goes to read the news or goes to buy some other product online, on that site they see ads for your facility, promoting exactly what they are looking for. This process is called targeting displays with the right targets. 

At Reputation Rehab, this is the simplified version of what we do here to promote your facilities. We can put your facility in front of the people that would best benefit from your help. Moreover, we do this in the most direct way possible.So, whether it’s through methods like “Search Retargeting,” “Site Retargeting,” or even “Simplified Advanced Digital,” we can better connect your facility to the people who need you. You can trust us from start to finish! 


Targeted Displays to Tick off Young Adults’ Mental Health Needs 

targeting displays

Not only that targeted displays lead the right patients the right way to the right resources. When the right attention is put on the resources, they will most likely be put to good use. It is our job to lead the right patients to your facility. All you have to do is cater to their needs with your high-quality mental health services. As you can see, targeted displays are an important starter or stepping stone for rehab marketing to take place and help young adults meet their mental health needs. Therefore, it is important that you let digital marketing experts who specialize in working in the field of mental health like our teams at Reputation Rehab target your displays.   


Contact Us 

First, let’s “target” the right internal team! This means learning more about the digital marketing services that Reputation Rehab provides to rehabilitation and mental health practices. Targeting displays is one of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration when putting together a marketing plan. Especially for facilities aiming to treat addiction, depression, etc., it is crucial to deliver the right message in an appropriate amount. Already having the pleasure and experience to work with so many different rehabilitation, Reputation Rehab is happy to assist the needs of your facilities and your needs anytime. Please feel free to call us at (855) 519-0120 or visit Let’s help others! 


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