Tips on Addiction Marketing From a Healthcare Marketing Agency

Healthcare Marketing Agency

A good healthcare marketing agency will always be able to offer good and sound advice on addiction marketing because marketing is all they do, all week. Just imagine if you spent one day per week working only on your marketing. After a few years, you would probably be an expert. Now, imagine that you work on marketing every business day. After a while, you would be a hyper-professional expert at all things marketing. That is how companies like Reputation Rehab have built such a fantastic reputation over the years. Here are a few tips that the team of Reputation Rehab has cooked up to help you start your addiction marketing campaign.

Be Varied and Experiment

Just because your competitors are not advertising on certain websites and in certain areas, doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try. As you know, addicts come from all walks of life and are of almost any age. An advert on the knitting circle website may gain you more inquiries than you may first think.

Referrals Can Be Very Useful

In some cases, people do not want to tell others that they have had treatment. However, when treatment works and they see other people suffering in the same way that they did, they often want to help. Give people a way to refer to others by promising a very soft introduction.

Offer Soft Introductions

You are probably already doing this, but you can word your services in a way that cushions the way the treatment is commonly perceived. For example, instead of saying, “Stop drinking” you say, “Lower your drinking” or “Help stop your drinking from growing out of control.” Don’t say “Cut out” say “Cut down” because it is a less aggressive, softer way of introducing the idea of treatment.

Push Your Advice

Many people have a shuttered and very biased view of drug treatment because of the misrepresentation of it they see in Hollywood movies. As a result, it is easier to entice people with the promise of advice. Once people are comfortable with your services, you can then start pushing your more full-on treatments.

Don’t Show Pictures of People

One of the fastest ways to alienate people from these types of services is to show the sorts of people you think you are going to attract. You need to work hard to reset any expectations your potential patients have and showing images (even very positive ones) is often the fastest way to warp a person’s expectations. The best picture…is a mirror.

Get Help From Experienced Marketers

Even on the most basic level, a marketing company is going to have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t, than your regular businessperson. This is because companies like Reputation Rehab spend their entire working week concentrating on marketing issues and problems. They know what is going to work and what isn’t because they have seen it all before, they know the pitfalls and they know what works. That is why, if you are looking for a healthcare marketing agency, you should strongly consider using Reputation Rehab.

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