Web Design: First Impressions Matter

web design

Having a website that catches the eye, is informational, interactive, and well designed can be the deciding factor of whether someone stays on your site or not. When designing a website, the ultimate goal is to get people to stay on it as long as possible until they trust you and click over to the contact page to give you a call. Addiction recovery center websites may be some of the most important ones to have an expert create. 

web design

Your facility may have the most qualified staff, on-site nurses, excellent programs, outdoor activities, and more but if that is not properly showcased online why would someone trust their loved ones to go to you for treatment? Establishing a connection through your website is a great way for someone to already get to know what is so unique and special about your facility. They can read all about the staff, feel the overall sense of community, and can read the services provided before making the decision to call. A well-built website will warm up the callers because they will already know most of the information and will have already been drawn into your facility.


Choosing specialists to design your website will guarantee that it is done right. Just as you wouldn’t hire an uncertified and untrained therapist for your facility, you shouldn’t trust your website to anyone other than a professional. We are professionals in digital marketing for rehab centers. We will build your website from scratch (or just improve upon one you already have) to fit your core values, to create a trusting foundation with whoever may land on your page, and we will integrate your site with Google Analytics to make sure traffic is directed where it should go.

web design

What services do we provide if you choose to use Reputation Rehab for your Web Design needs?

  • Call checking matrix
  • Conversion tracking
  • Blog integrating
  • WordPress
  • Overall design
  • Photography and video productions
  • Google Analytics
  • And more!


Let us be the professionals of marketing and bring you the leads so you can show them that you are the professionals in addiction recovery, care, and long-term sobriety. Give us a call today to learn more about this package or the other ways we can help your facility grow: (855) 519-0120. 

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