What Are the Roles of Google Ads in Mental Health and Drug Addiction Advertising?

google ads

One could argue that Google Ads are the most powerful digital marketing tools in elevating your mental health facility above others. Furthermore, some might even say that they are the quickest and easiest way to get your mental health clinic to the first page of any search engine search results. To understand the effectiveness of Google Ads in building a successful online presence for your facility, let’s discuss its algorithm, advertising strategies, and more! 


Google Adwords 

There are three primary components that every rehab marketer needs to master: 

  • A headline 

This is likely to be one of the first things that people will notice when they first come across your ads. Therefore, you should consider including important texts or keywords, more specifically ones that people will include in the Google search bar so that more traffic will come to your website. Another thing to consider is you can only keep your headline within 30 characters to promote your mental health services. Now, this is the tricky part! Let our experts at Reputation Rehab help you with that! 

  • URL 

The URL address of your mental health website that people reach when they click your ad should not be overlooked. At Reputation Rehab, our web development team will make sure that the domain in your final URL matches that of one in the display URL. We understand that Google requires your display URL to be similar to your destination URL because that is where your patients or visitors anticipate the content of the landing page that they click on and are taken to. 

  • A description   

Here is the list of tips and tricks in terms of writing an engaging description for your facility: 

  • Avoid generic ad descriptions such as “We Are Drug Treatment Experts”. 
  • Avoid mundane and corporate jargons such as “Streamline your Business with Us”. 
  • Avoid repetition and redundant keywords in one description. 
  • Be specific and concise such as including numbers and symbols so that your clients are immediately captured with those abbreviations. 


Google Algorithms 

In short, Google determines who gets to show ads for each search using two metrics: The bid you have set for your chosen keyword and the quality score for your advertisement. First, the maximum bid you set for your keyword is the amount that you are willing to pay for your patients to click on your Google Ads. The quality score refers to how relevant and valuable your ad is to Google’s search engine users. This is where Google penalties come in, which visit our other blogs detailing Google penalties for further reference. 


Let’s Talk Google Ads 

There is more to Google Ads in building a successful online reputation for your mental health facility than you could ever imagine. But of course, you do not need to know the full details of them. This is our job at Reputation Rehab to master the digital technicalities for you! To learn more about all of our services, please call us at (855) 519-0120 or visit https://reputation.rehab/.  

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